Nikon D7500: DX Format DSLR

The new Nikon D7500, is the latest DX-format DSLR and successor to the D7200. Yet, it also incorporates the imaging element of the higher spec D500.

D7500 Primary Features

  • 4K Videosupport
  • Updated Nikon DX-format 20.9-megapixel CMOS sensor and a high-performance EXPEED 5 image-processing engine
  • An ISO range up to 51200
  • Flicker reduction for still images.
  • A 51-point AF system and high-speed continuous shooting at up to approximately 8fps
  • Shoot up to 50 shots in 14-bit lossless compressed RAW, with extended buffer capacity.
  • 180K-pixel RGB sensor supports an Advanced Scene Recognition System
  • Lighter DSLR body of approximately 720g
  • WiFi and Bluetooth support
  • Flip-out LCD


The D7500 will be available with the AF-S DX NIKKOR 18-140mm f/3.5-5.6G ED VR lens, or with the body-only configuration. Availability will be announced at a later date.

Mass Effect: Andromeda is Available Now

Mass Effect™: Andromeda is available now on Origin for PC, Xbox One and PlayStation 4.

The original Mass Effect trilogy told the story of Commander Shepard and their crew’s attempt to save the Milky Way galaxy from genocide at the hands of the Reapers, averting a recurring cycle of death that played out every 50,000 years.

Mass Effect: Andromeda takes players far beyond the Milky Way to the uncharted Andromeda galaxy where a new cast of characters, led by Ryder, will fight for a new home for humanity. Playing as one of the Ryder siblings in the role of the Pathfinder, players will lead a squad of highly-trained explorers as they search for and discover new worlds, alien races and threats. Without the shackles of the previous story, Mass Effect: Andromeda starts a new chapter in this series.

Happy 2017, and Goodbye 2016

2016 was an eventful year. In gadget news, Google launched its’ Pixel line of phone and the Note 7 sure caused a heck lot of mayhem. Huawei seemed to benefit the most out of it with the Mate 9, while the rest of the manufacturers failed to capitalize on the opportunity. We are rebooting into 2017, and Samsung has a good chance to right their previous mistake. It’s their only chance really, so they better not screw this one up.


BIGO Adds PC Streaming

BIGO Live is a video streaming app that started off on mobile and is now making inroads into PC streaming as well. BIGO makes it really easy to stream live video, and is popular among the younger demographic in the Southeast Asia region. When users are streaming, they can receive rewards from other users, who buy “diamonds” to get stickers of items like flowers, a supercar or a ring to give to users they like. The diamonds (the app’s currency) are bought with real money.