Huawei Honor Non Camera for $398 (Brand New)

Update: Apologies. We were not able to accomplish the deal as the Telco has withheld the distribution of stocks to their resellers. We will continue to be on the look out for better deals in the meantime.

For those interested in getting the Huawei Honor Non Camera, do drop me an email. If there is sufficient interest (high chance as of now), I would be able to get it at $398 each for all of us. Included with the purchase would be an OEM certificate certifying that the camera has been removed (similar to what you get when you purchase the phone from starhub or m1), as well as a invoice from an official Singapore telco retailer.

Check out this review if you need to know more. Hopefully we’ll be able to install Android Jelly bean onto the phone. Otherwise, there is still ICS.


The iNo-Sun A908 (iNo-One) Non-Camera Phone

This is the next non-camera phone that is expected to be launched in Singapore. It is a factory removed camera phone model and certification would be provided as well. It is expected to be priced at a relatively low cost of S$228 and would appeal to those whose contract is not up for renewal yet.  It is currently on pre-order and is expected to launch in August. Besides the price, the next interesting feature is that it has Dual-SIM support and could appeal to those with multiple phone lines to manage.At its price point, it could be the next mass phone for reservists to have access to a smart phone, browser, and more importantly, GAMES to pass time during their in-camp-training.


  •  Android Gingerbread 2.3.6
  • 1.0 GHz Single Core
  • 512 MB Ram
  • Dual-SIM card slots
  • 4.0″ capacitive 480 x 800 screen
  • GPS and Bluetooth
  • 124 mm x 64 mm x 10.95 mm
  • 4GB internal storage, expandable with microSD

The phone specifications are nothing to shout about and in fact, I would expect some minor slowdown due to the processor and lack of RAM as compared to the superior Huawei Honor. I would only recommend this phone if you are looking to use this phone for short periods of time and/or if the Dual-SIM feature is important, else the Huawei Honor especially at the promotion price of $400 would be a much better deal. Lastly, they really should have came up with a more attractive name for this phone.

Update (11 Aug 12): The iNo-Sun A908 has been replaced by the iNo-One. Read more about it here.

Nexus 7 vs the iPad – Survival!

The Nexus 7 has launched and it has rave reviews for its great specifications and low price. So did Google cut any corners in terms of the build quality?

The above review pitted the Nexus 7 vs the iPad and the Nexus 7 impressively survived and trounced the iPad in the 3 categories that SquareTrade, the Gadget insurance company, had put them through. The Nexus 7 looks like it is going to be worth every penny. I’m not sure if the results were due to luck as to the angle that the iPad fell but perhaps Google had invested in such amazing engineering that precisely compensated the centre of gravity to determine the orientation if it were to be dropped. Well, at least there’s a pretty good chance that your Nexus 7 would survive a fall.

Accessing the eLibrary (Singapore)

Overdrive allows you to borrow and download eBooks and audiobooks from public libraries that support this system. I have a Nook Color and while it is quite useful and functional as a Nook Color android tablet, I still read on it pretty often. I used to think that we had to buy the eBooks and transfer it to over to the eReader device. One of the more amazing things that had caught my attention was the idea that I could check out books from the library electronically. The process is slightly complex the first time, having to go through the Overdrive Media Console and creating an Adobe ID and also, it is plagued by the same queuing system as per the physical books whereby you have to wait till the previous person is done before you can borrow it. However, it becomes much simpler to use once the initial setup is established, and is a nice, cheap alternative to refresh your e-library.

Impressively enough, the Singapore National Library Board has a digital catalogue and it can be accessed through The collection is slightly small but some of the top fiction books can still be found. So if you have an iPad, Android Tablet, Nook, or Kindle, do check out the local e-library and start borrowing. The eBooks have an electronic signature that automatically disables the file once it passes the loan date, and once you have For parents, there are picture and audio books that you can borrow to keep your young ones entertained. Start reading away!

Why we should trade Forex like a robot

Now, this post is not in the usual vein of gadgets and technology stuff and would more likely belong in an investment blog as it is going to be about Forex trading. So why post it here? I would come to that in a short while. I have traded equities but have always been more of an investor and trader, doing more long term purchases and looking for stable counters. In comparison, forex can be considered the epitome of trading in terms of price volatility with fluctuations in price plus the large amount of leverage makes it not for the faint hearted. I was introduced to Forex about a couple of months ago and the volatility appealed to me in terms of the potential earnings (I was just being greedy). It has been somewhat a rocky start and I have gleamed some lessons from the experience and perhaps it might be beneficial to you as well.

Being a Forex Robot

So, I was telling my friend the other day, that forex traders needs to be emotionless and having balls of steel. That is somewhat akin to being a robot – an emotionless creature that actions based on pre-programmed algorithms and recognition of trends and patterns. And in my humble opinion, that is what it takes to do well in forex trading if you have the discipline to follow the rules. I have a suspicion that quite a number of technologically inclined geeks might also be dabbling in forex and well, let’s hope we can all learn from each other experiences. 

What are the Rules?

  1. Never assume we are smarter than the market, and trade based on the charts and movement signals. Gut feel is never a good thing. Thousands of people are trading at the same time and they are following technical analysis, so why shouldn’t you?
  2. Identify all news releases for the currency pairs and the time of their release.
  3. Sharp market trends are expected around the market opening times and times identified in Rule #2. While opportunities are to be made, the market tends to retrace back to previous position after these times with milder fluctuations. 
  4. ALWAYS have a Stop Loss.
  5. Identify the exit and entry point. Determine if the risk to reward ratio is worth entering the market at the time of entry.
  6. Accept your losses and do not chase the position. Re-look at the charts and determine again, especially Rule #5 in consideration.
  7. Clarity of mind is important. I have not mastered the art of placing orders and leaving it to execute yet successfully. Majority of my losses have occurred when I entered the market with a distracted state of mind.
  8. My personal lesson and hence it has become a rule is to ensure no ALCOHOL and also, to try not to enter positions before my bedtime. It affects my sleep. :)

Trading Style

My personal trading mentality is largely based on short term trading, focusing on 15 min bollinger bands with fibonacci tracement lines to target entry upon reversal at the bands. Opportunities tend to be slower using this strategy. I do also monitor 2 min candlestick movement and primarily the trading strategy is to catch the break outs during the news release timing. I am looking to refine my trading strategies and adopt more longer term positions but currently due to the extensive movement of the currency pairs, it is nerve wrecking once the market swings against your position which will likely happen a few times for a long term strategy. The key would be to maintain a low risk reward ratio while executing a long term strategy but my current analysis and timing of the market is still not there yet.

Samsung Galaxy SII Non Camera – Spotted!

M1 is doing the camera removal service for the Samsung Galaxy SII. This is indeed a smart way to clear whatever stock they are holding for the Galaxy SII now that the Galaxy SIII has launched.

The pricing for the non-camera Samsung Galaxy SII White for M1 is below based on my understanding and you can enquire for the availability of the phone through their corporate sales enquiry.
  • Mass plan $418
  • ValueSurf $268
  • LiteSurf $118
  • ExtremeSurf $18

Currently, the Samsung Galaxy SII is still an M1 exclusive and only for those with contracts to be renewed. It is quite expensive in comparison to the Huawei Honor for albeit slightly better specifications only but the Samsung branding is much stronger than Huawei and in terms of custom ROM support, the Galaxy SII stands out with it being ICS ready and likely to be Jellybean compatible as well.

LEGO Hacks: Simplistic yet Functional

DIY lego keyholder


At GadgetReactor, we are constantly on the lookout for brilliant ideas. This idea is so simple and functional. Concurrently, it brings back good childhood memories. Lego, a simplistic toy, yet the nature of it brings forth so many possible innovative ideas. Just imagine, with spare lego bricks, how about a lego iPhone or Samsung Galaxy SIII dock?

This is so going to my new home.

There’s an entirely new world of possibility that can be DIY-ed with the simple Lego block. If only we still have the imaginative powers of kids.

Or.. how about taking the original key holder mod and combining it with a thumbdrive?