TDA7297: Audio Amplifier Board For Your Old Speakers

The TDA7297 is a 2.0 Audio Amplifier Board, that can drive your old 4-8 ohm 10-50 watt speakers. I had a couple of old Bose cubes, and Cambridge Soundworks speakers lying around so this was a cheap way to give them a second wind.

They can be bought from eBay, Aliexpress or Taobao. Taobao’s the cheapest, but you would need to factor in shipping costs and it’s probably only worth it if you are getting other parts as well at the same time (which you should).
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Sudio Vasa Bla Earphones Review

The Sudio Vasa Bla offers wireless freedom, with Bluetooth connection that promises up to 8 hours of listening time. If you are looking for a gift for a techie, the Sudio Vasa Bla might be a good choice. It’s a positive experience right from the unboxing. The wife said the box looked like an Apple device, which I guess, can be taken as a compliment. The box unfolds like a book, with excellent care and detail to every step.

Disclaimer: I was given this pair of earphones for the review.

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Nakamichi Mini Plus vs X-Mini Capsule

The Nakamichi My Mini Plus was released in 2012 actually, and I received this as a door gift at a recent conference I attended. For a free gift, it turned out pretty nice. It’s a portable cube speaker that’s rather capable at doling out good quality sound in a small package. I saw it on sale too at one of those Christmas gift fairs, where it was retailing at around the $20-$30 region, which is comparable to other no-brand speakers of this range. I thought this might be of better consideration instead, considering the sound quality and playback capability. There is a newer revision with Bluetooth which is awesome to have for easy wireless pairing with mobile phones.

Audio quality turned out pretty good. I put it up against the XMI X-Mini Capsule speaker since both are rather comparable. The X-Mini is slightly smaller and has a better design in both looks and functionality with the built-in cable cord. More importantly, in terms of sound, the Nakamichi fared much better than the X-Mini. It handled low frequencies well, and offered good audio separation of the different frequencies. In a head to head comparison, the XMI crackled at both high volumes and high frequencies which was disappointing. This is a competitive sector, with many other no-brand speakers in this space that it is an ardous task to get yourself recognised in the crowded market. Played a range of music (thanks Google Play Music!) and felt the speaker handled itself decently. It was good enough for playback in a room or even to accompany me when I am out washing my car thanks to its portable nature. Too bad that it’s only mono or there’s no way to pair it up with another speaker for stereo playback like Sonos.

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