Review: DAP-1720 AC1750 Dual Band Wi-Fi Range Extender

The DAP-1720 is a wireless extender offering AC1750 speeds, which can extend your home or even office wireless network easily. It really irks me when I move to a spot in my house where WiFi coverage is poor and connection gets drop, or worse, I get the dreaded “You Are Offline” message, especially when I am in the midst of loading an important page – e.g. online shopping, or downloading a large file.
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Review: D-Link DAP 1860 Wireless AC2600 Range Extender

Having WiFi problems? The D-Link DAP 1860 almost doubled the coverage of my home network while improving the speeds significantly at previously poor network access areas.

The DAP 1860 brings latest wireless technologies to improve your home network coverage. There’s 802.11ac Wave II technology, offering Gigabit wireless connectivity with combined transfer rates of up to 2,532 Mbps (1732 Mbps Wireless AC + 800Mbps Wireless N).
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Review: DIR-885L AC3150 Router – Redhead Stunner

D-Link’s DIR-885L router is designed for today’s more demanding and sophisticated users. Rightfully so, as applications and bandwidth demands have doubled or tripled.

In a typical household, WiFi devices easily numbers in the 10-20s, with each household member having 3-4 WiFi connected devices, not to mention a slew of accessories such as remote controllers, WiFi cameras, network storage and more.
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