Review: Kodak CFH-V15 IP Camera

Planning to get an IP Camera? The Kodak CFH-V15 is a 720P camera that streams and saves video to the cloud for anytime / anywhere access. It comes with the ability to pan 350-degrees left and right and tilt 105-degrees up and down to give you full control so you can see more of what matters. There’s two way audio, and also automatic night vision, for excellent daytime images and powerful night vision performance.

Through the bundled app, you can receive motion-triggered notifications that are automatically sent to your mobile device for real time alerts, allowing you to stay on top on the situation. Another unique bit about the CFH-V15 is that there’s no SD card slot. It stores all videos to cloud, and you can view your recordings for the last 24 hours. If you require longer storage, there’s premium plans for 14 or 30 days cloud storage, with smart detection features.

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