ZNAPS -The $9 Magnetic Connection Adapter

ZNAPS is a specially designed magnetic connection adapter for your mobile devices. If you thought the Macbook MagSafe Charger was awesome, you can soon replicate it on your mobile device.

ZNAPS is a simple yet perfect solution to prevent frayed charging cables, tripping over cable resulting in smashed phones, pointless fiddling to plug in cable in the dark, water damage through charging outlet, and more! This innovative magnetic charging adapter will make your life just a bit more convenient.

ZNAPS supports charging process as well as data synchronization and it’s designed for both Lightning cable (iPhone) and Micro-USB cable (Android). You simply plug it into your port and a small protrusion will show, but it’s so small it shouldn’t really affect you. Znaps claims you can even continue to use your cases without an issue.

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