Avengers-themed Tablets and Laptops Lands in Singapore

Iron Man landed in Singapore last night alongside three new Avengers-themed Windows 10 devices. Inspired by the iconic Avengers logo and the signature design motifs of Captain America and Iron Man, the devices come in iconic shells and at an affordable price range for the Marvel fanatics.

Priced from S$429, the devices run on Windows 10 and will be pre-installed with Microsoft Office Mobile apps for free. These devices will sport a series of custom wallpapers as well as unique Avengers icons that make the experience even more personal. Each device sold will also include a specially designed carrying sleeve or pouch.

Review: Dell Venue 8 7000 – Extremely Thin, Extremely Light

So after attending the Dell Venue 8 7000 launch a month ago, the things that stood out for me were how Dell managed to compress an 8.4″ screen into a 7″ all aluminium build, the razor sharp screen that offered excellent colour saturation, which bothered on being a little too vivid. Notwithstanding the good points, I called it a quirky looking tablet with a few unique design considerations such as a RealSense camera which was rather gimmicky. So having spend a couple of weeks, I’m back with a a more in-depth look.

Review: Lenovo S6000 Bluetooth Keyboard

I picked up the Lenovo S6000 Bluetooth keyboard from Qoo10 recently, to use it with my HP Stream 7. I ended up spending quite a bit on my Stream 7, since a keyboard does help improve the usability of the tablet significantly. Although using it together can be rather hilarious – the keyboard is much bigger than the tablet.

The Lenovo S6000 Bluetooth keyboard is designed specially for the IdeaTab S6000, and serves as a cover, dock, and bluetooth keyboard. Since I don’t own a IdeaTab S6000, I am purely using the keyboard. I bought the Lenovo S6000 bluetooth keyboard at $19.90 from Qoo10 from seller (IDEAS FOR LIFE). The pricing is significantly better than eBay pricing, but on inspection, it looks authentic to me. Probably clearing leftover stock.


ASUS Transformer Book T300 Chi Now Available in Singapore

The Transformer Book T300 Chi rocks an all-aluminium unibody design with diamond-cut chamfered edges for a well-built chassis. The tablet / keyboard is held together by a neodynium magnetic hinge, so no hardware connections to worry about. The keyboard is a standalone bluetooth device, with it’s own battery pack. The battery cannot be shared so you would need to charge them separately but the keyboard should be good for a week’s use.

The Transformer Book T300 Chi compares favourably with the Surface Pro 3. In fact, the T300 Chi tablet itself is actually lighter than the Surface Pro 3, (0.72g vs 0.80g). The keyboard is heavier though, as Asus opt to implement a more traditional keyboard experience, which might be more favourable to heavy typists. When docked, the Transformer Book T300 Chi weighs 1.44kg, and is 16.5 mm thick. A whisper thinner than the Macbook Air at 17mm.


Fix: HP Stream 7 Battery Drain while Standby

The HP Stream 7 has a terrible battery life. Reports on forums indicate that it is due to the connected standby mode in Windows 8.1 and also the Intel SST Audio driver. The combination of these two factors means that approximately 2-3% of battery is drained per hour as your tablet is not able to fully sleep. Typically, my tablet wakes up flat in a couple of days. That sucks.

The simple workaround is to lower the tablets volume to “0” with the volume rocker before putting your tablet to sleep and also switching Wi-Fi to off. This will improve the standby battery life from hours to days. However, this is a tedious process.