Galaxy Note 2 Launches in Korea and India

Shortly after Samsung launched the Galaxy Note 2 in Korea, they have followed up quickly with launching the Galaxy Note 2 in India as well. It is priced at Rs 39,990 in India, which translates to S$924. In Korea, the launch price is at 1.15 million won, around S$1,200. That’s expensive, and almost 20% more than the Samsung Galaxy S3 LTE or the iPhone 5. I wonder how accurate is the India prices but if it is, then it could be great to get export sets from there. Rumours are that the British launch is next, with the telcos there getting ready to take pre-orders.

The Note 2 has improved upon its predecessor with more S3 and S PEN smart features, and with the new OS, more ram, LTE, better battery life, it is going to be another impressive device from Samsung. Read here to know more about the specifications of the Note 2 Phablet and how it compares to the existing Note 1.

Following the success of the Galaxy Note in Singapore, we are anticipating a similar success for the Galaxy Note 2. There is definitely a growing market for huge screen phones and with Apple not joining the party, Samsung can easily dominate this market segment and kudos to them. As far as the Asian region goes, Singapore has not been too far behind in terms of product launches after Korea. Rumours from our sources indicate that we the sales of the Galaxy Note 2 by the local telcos (Starhub / Singtel / M1) would happen in October.


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