How Much is Samsung Galaxy Note 2 in Singapore

The Samsung Galaxy Note 2 saw long queues and brisk sales at Singtel, M1 and Starhub outlets around the island yesterday evening. Stocks are still available currently and you can proceed to the various telcos to purchase with prices starting from S$568 for plans with data access.

For a standard S$30-40 monthly subscription plan with 4G data like the FlexiLite or ValueSurf+ plans, the Samsung Galaxy Note 2 sells for S$568. Prices scale down accordingly for the rest of the plans and are available from the links here: M1 | SingTel | StarHub

Price Plans
Monthly Subscription
Samsung GALAXY Note II LTE Phone Price
ValueSurf+ (M1)
LiteSurf+ (M1)
ExtremeSurf+ (M1)
MaxSurf+ (M1)
FlexiLite (Singtel)
FlexiValue (Singtel)
FlexiPlus (Singtel)
FlexiPremium (Singtel)
SmartSurf Lite (SH)
SmartSurf Value (SH)
SmartSurf Premium (SH)
SmartSurf Elite (SH)

If you are looking to purchase the phone without any contract, the Samsung Galaxy Note 2 LTE retails at official Samsung shops for S$998 and you may be able to pick up a phone from other mobile resellers too at a slightly cheaper price of S$950. However, with stocks moving fast, do call and check for stock availability before hand. Based on search volume and interest shown thus far, we are expecting that the the Note 2 is going to be another big seller, perhaps even more so than the S3 and the iPhone 5.


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