New iPad and iPad Mini available in Singapore – 2 Nov 2012

Both the Ipad fourth generation and Ipad mini will be available in Singapore on 2 Nov 2012. Pre-orders will be available from 26 Oct 2012.

See that Singtel, Starhub and M1 logo in the presentation slides for Ipad Mini?

Below are the prices for iPad Mini in Singapore. No changes to the price for Ipad 4th gen.

Wifi (available 2 Nov 2012)

  • 16GB – $448
  • 32GB – $578
  • 64GB – $708

Wifi+4G (available 16 Nov 2012)

  • 16GB – $618
  • 32GB – $748
  • 64GB – $878

What’s the difference between the iPad 4th Gen and iPad mini?

Not much. Size is the main difference. Processor is also slower in the iPad Mini. I guess you’ll be looking at speeds slightly faster than what you got out of the Ipad 2nd Gen due to optimisation and smaller screen resolution.

Specs Ipad 4th Gen Ipad Mini Comments
Size 10 inch display 7.9 inch display
Resolution 2,048 x 1536 1,024 x 768
CPU A6X CPU A5X CPU A6X CPU supposedly with double the performance. However Ipad mini is smaller, thus will not be exactly 1/2 as slow
Weight 1.46 pounds 0.68 pounds


Zhaolin aka Tedfox owns both Nexus 7 (2012 and 2013), a Nexus 4, iNo Two, and the OnePlus One. He enjoys playing with the latest gadgets as well as software, - like Plex and Waze.

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