New Singapore Start Up – TickTok

New Singapore Start Up – TickTok

TickTok or Tick Tok was at Techventure 2012. The event concluded today and featured quite a number of promising start ups in Singapore. Only recently launched, Ticktok contains real-time queue time information at more than 8,000 food and beverage (F&B) establishments in Singapore and is currently working with over 70 merchant partners. Interesting curation features include getting an overview of seating availability, opening hours, and whether the queue is worth the wait.

TickTok is currently available as an Apple iOS app and allows the checking of real-time queuing and seats availability information. The analysis can also be set to check historical queue duration at specific timings. The queue information is not solely based off social reporting, one of the founders explained that Ticktok uses a unique mix of crowd-sourcing, dedicated teams of queue auditors, and merchant participation to provide the queue timing. Find out if there are seats available at your favourite restaurants so that you don’t have to spend too much time walking over just to find a long queue. They already have 7000+ restaurants and hawker centres logged into the database and are getting partnerships with F&B outlets to offer vouchers/discounts too. Looks like the tech food scene in Singapore is heating up.

There were a couple of other interesting start-ups at Techventure 2012 as well.

1) is an NUS-based StartUp that lets your web application send & receive SMS by uniquely combining an HTTP API with an app on your Android phones. It could be an interesting way to empower your websites to reach out to mobile clients.

2) ExamPad is the digital answer to paperless handwritten examinations and tests. It is a niche tablet PC supported by an examination ecosystem for secure and reliable delivery of examinations — allowing “Exams simply anywhere”! Going to be launched in India, it could revolutionise the education industry there.

3) 3D Screen Protector. A screen protector that acts like a pair of 3D glasses, allowing you to view 3D movies on your iPhone, iPad, tablets etc. It is an innovative device that allows for 3D viewing without glasses. The technology involves multiple polarizing lens on the screen protector and hence, might not be scalable to full sized TV panels yet. However, like 3D glasses, I feel that the screen protector results in too much polarizing of normal 2D images and it gets uncomfortable after prolonged viewing. Especially black text on a white background.

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