Review of the iNo One (Non Camera)

Review of the iNo One (Non Camera)

Stocks are in for the iNo-One and one new surprise, but it is a good one! I am surprised that it came with Ice Cream Sandwich but it’s great as you get all the benefits of the newer OS like a smoother and slicker interface, access to more programs such as Chrome. I had the opportunity to play with the phone for awhile and first impression was that it was quite responsive. While no stocks available at the moment, the company mentioned on iNo Mobile website that they are still accepting orders for the second shipment coming in mid to late October.

Having Ice Cream Sandwich and Chrome definitely helps in the web browsing department. A quick benchmark comparison in Sunspider, where a lower score is better, Chrome scored 1,765ms. Next was Firefox (2,865 ms), Opera (3,251), and the stock browser a distant (4,172). In Google’s V8 Benchmark Suite test (where higher is better), version 6, Chrome trounced the competition. It scored 1575, more than twice as fast as the next fastest, the stock browser (627).

We didn’t had the opportunity to use RAM-intensive applications so we couldn’t tell how was the memory management of the phone but in our quick playaround, it was pretty responsive for general use like web browsing and surfing facebook, twitter etc. While the default launcher is OK, I quickly loaded Apex Launcher as it was something I am more familiar with. That also helped made the phone more responsive in my opinion. Once again, this is the advantage of Ice Cream Sandwich as Apex is not compatible with Gingerbread. So Huawei Honor users are out of luck.

All in all, the phone felt much better than the specifications would initially let us believe. Furthermore for a S$268 non-camera phone, and no hassle for a security sticker, I think its an excellent buy for contractors and NSmen who may not be able to lay their hands on a sticker.


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  1. i have ordered one…but do not know if it is going to have ice cream sandwich installed. with ice cream sandwich it wun lag? i upgrade to ios 5 for ipod…can die. every click is a pain, the movies dun even stream properly anymore.

    1. Hi! Ice Cream Sandwich comes pre-loaded by iNo-Mobile. Ice Cream Sandwich was designed to offer a smoother experience and the iNo-One is more than capable to run it. As for the iPod, did you mean iOS6? if you had jailbroken it previously, you have the option to restore iOS5…

  2. How’s the screen quality? Is it comparable to other droids on the market?
    Frankly, I’m dead excited about this phone.

  3. Hi Stan, the screen looked pretty normal to me. I would say its about the same as the Huawei Honor or to my own LG Optimus 2X. Touch was responsive as well.

    Definitely don’t expect Samsung Galaxy S3 or HTC One X screen resolution or brightness!

  4. Just got this phone. The interface looks snappy and transferring of files between PCs are fast. A great buy for those who needs a non camera smartphone.

  5. Got this phone on Tuesday, and I am very satisfied with it. Although you can’t compare it to Samsung galaxy series, it perform really well on a low price tag. Only draw back is the battery life, and not all apps apparently can run on it, I.e. Nike + will give error when start run.

  6. I heard the battery life is poor, may I know how many hours it can with just some browsing and using of whatsapp and calling?

  7. You can buy the iNo One phone at
    Y2K Accessories Trading
    Address: Block 1 Rochor Road #02-632, Singapore 180001
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    Opening Hours:
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    The price of iNo One phone is $268.

  8. Can anyone share your view on the battery life and performance as compare to Huawei? I’m sure your army friends should have a lot to share.

    1. Performance wise is definitely slower. Battery life is hard to tell. Generally sufficient to get you through one day.

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