CPU bug with INO One Phones Affecting Battery Life

CPU bug with INO One Phones Affecting Battery Life

There’s an issue with the kernel software of the INO ONE phone. The CPU governor is selected as “performance”. This causes the CPU to be stuck at the highest speed whenever there is processing required. This means that your CPU would require a higher voltage, causing a high battery drain.

Ideally, your CPU should default to an automatic scaling mode, running at a higher clock speed when it is required. i.e. if you’re doing simple internet surfing, it should clock at 500 MHz, and 1 GHz when you are playing games. The fix is detailed below:

To confirm if you are facing the problem, you can install betterbatterystats. In fact, most INO One phones should have this problem as it is a firmware bug. The Kernel of the phone has set the CPU governor to Performance mode, which locks the CPU to 1000MHz.


Your battery stats should look like the above. If your stats show only 1 GHz, then you’ll need to fix it.

Improving INO-One Battery Fix

The easiest fix is to bring it down to the INO One Service Centre. If you had not incorporated any other INO-One Fixes that we had mentioned before on our blog, you may wish to bring your phone down as the updated firmware does address the following:

  • Firmware Fix
  • Install Google Talk
  • Google Location Services (POSB/DBS Apps Force Close Issue)
  • LatinIME.apk (Fix Underline under words as Dictionary is corrupted)
  • Remove LatinIME.odex (Remove Android Upgrading Window at startup)
  • Replace GoogleQuickSearchBox.apk (No longer defaults to google.com.hk instead, uses google.com which is a dynamic routing GeoIP domain)
  • Root the Phone and CPU Fix

If you want to do it yourself, it actually is not that difficult either. Make sure your phone is rooted. (see here for instructions).

Install a program that can control your CPU. I recommend No-frills CPU Control.

You need to change the field that says Governor. It should be on “Performance”. Change it to “ondemand”. Tick “Apply on boot” as well.


Restart your phone. You’re all set to go. You will be experiencing much better battery life now. To verify that it is fixed, you can look at your statistics in betterbatterystats again.

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