How to Install Google Hangouts or Download the APK here

Gogle Talk and Google Messenger finally ends on a Good Note and is now replaced with an all new app which is called as “Google Hangouts” which is an Enhanced Communication Service (ECS) which has been launched in Google IO 2013.

With the new “Hangouts” app, you will now be able to bring all your conversation a whole new dimension wherein you can share all your memories and will be archived in your Google Account. The best part is that this “HANGOUTS” is available on Android and on IOS. Hangouts will soon be made available in Windows 8 platform as well for Mobiles.


Head over to Google Play Store for the update. For users with custom ROM, or Talk installed as System App, updating it is not so easy. I couldn’t do it that way and the Google play app was saying installed with no option to update.

Here’s the link:

Delete talk.apk from system/app – restart and install. Viola.


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