PC Show 2013 – What Not to Miss!

PC Show 2013 – What Not to Miss!

The PC SHOW 2013 is now on from 6 June 2013 – 9 June 2013 at Singapore Expo, Halls 5 & 6. From 12 PM to 9 PM. It is going to be crowded so get yourself prepared before heading down.

Research What You Want to Buy

The show loves to attract impulse buyers, with the crowds, and the big sales logos with prices slashed and so forth. But is everything really that cheap? Check out Bootstrike @ itfairsg.com for the latest pricelists. They have been around for years and provides very good coverage of all the various pricelists that are distributed at the IT Shows.

Good buys at such events are Monitors, Routers, Printers or to recontract your mobile / internet plans. M1 is getting very aggressive with their campaign for fibre internet, with a $39 contract, you get a 200Mbps UL/DL plan (at least for local connections), mobile internet, and voip for your home as well. For Monitors, this year the Dell S2340L is a great buy at $199, for a 23″ Full HD monitor with a very thin bezel, LED backlit, and HDMI connectivity.dell monitor s2340

Load the maps and floor plans of the PC Show 2013 into your smartphones so that you can easily refer them when you are at the IT Show and locate the shops. Also, perhaps identify the best route to evade all the credit card and banks that always throng the PC Shows.

News about the deals to be had at PC Show 2013 are scattered and hard to find. For me, sometimes relying on Twitter and Hardwarezone Forums have proven effective in sussing out the best deals. Alternatively, head over to Hardwarezone where they are constantly updating an article on the deals to be had, in a simple, easy to digest format. All the information will be consolidated and presented on the HardwareZone Tech Show Portal.

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