Wimbledon Live Streaming on Youtube

Wimbledon Live Streaming on Youtube

Wimbledon can now be streamed live from Youtube, another addition to increasing content available via streaming. The new Wimbledon partnership with YouTube could help boost the competition’s appeal and reach out to many more viewers. The two-week London event, now fully available on Youtube.

You can catch all the action on Wimbledon’s YouTube channel, with Rolex footing the bill.

Beyond the live stream, you’ll also find interviews, behind-the-scenes segments and press conference streams on the video site, along with past match highlights and other featured content. There’s a teaser clip waiting for you below. With Nadal out of the running after a shocking first round exit, I am now rooting for Murray. Will he be the first Brit to win Wimbledon in a long long while? You can catch all the action now through Youtube.

Access the Live Stream here. It’s geographically restricted though, so either check it out through a US or UK VPN if you are in Singapore like me.

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