Swiftkey Cloud has just been released!

Swiftkey Cloud has just been released. What’s essentially Swiftkey 4.2 has just been released to the Google Playstore. If you don’t own it, it’s also currently available at 50% off, at SGD 2.50.

I consider Swiftkey to be my favorite keyboard for the Android platform. It’s also the software that forms the basis of the keyboard used by Samsung Galaxy S4. It has very good contextual predictions, and in Swiftkey 4, they added flow, which essentially allows you to type like the keyboard Swype. My wife types very fast with it. For myself, I prefer traditional typing, and Swiftkey does it very well.

New to Swiftkey 4.2:

  • Cloud sync – Synchronize all your words across devices. No more lost of dictionary when re-installing or using a new device. *very useful*
  • Trending phrases – Basically it adds new trending words from twitter into your dictionary, making for better prediction and easier typing. *hasn’t seen evidence of this being useful
  • Enhanced Personalization – Swiftkey basically gets even better know what words you typically use.


Zhaolin aka Tedfox owns both Nexus 7 (2012 and 2013), a Nexus 4, iNo Two, and the OnePlus One. He enjoys playing with the latest gadgets as well as software, - like Plex and Waze.