Have you heard of Apple's Red Friday? Coming 10th Jan 2014

You’ve probably heard of Black Friday, and not Red Friday. Apple has announce a one day sale across selected countries in Asia, just two weeks before the Lunar new year.  Singapore is one of those selected countries, together with countries like Malaysia, China, Hong Kong, Taiwan, Thailand and South Korea.

Apple will offer discounts on its products through physical retail stores, the Apple online store as well as through the App Store. Discounts will probably apply to both its Mac and Iphone mobile products. So if you’ve been waiting for the chance, now is a good time to buy an Apple product.


Zhaolin aka Tedfox owns both Nexus 7 (2012 and 2013), a Nexus 4, iNo Two, and the OnePlus One. He enjoys playing with the latest gadgets as well as software, - like Plex and Waze.