LG G2 Singapore Kit Kat Update Now Available

LG G2 Singapore Kit Kat Update Now Available

The highly anticipated Android 4.4 KitKat OS upgrade for LG’s G2 smartphone is now available on the market for Singapore users. Great news in fact as the update brings about quite useful speed bumps and improved battery life. Two important things that we can never be short of.

You can get it through refreshing the OTA update. The provision of timely software updates is one of the many ways in which LG is constantly striving to improve the experience for its users. This had always been a sorepoint for first generation LG phones, namely myself, who saw the LG Optimus 2x being left on the upgrade shelf.

However, things have improved significantly since. Perhaps it is also due to the close integration with Google since the Nexus 4. This bodes well for new LG Phones and other upcoming models. I also am looking forward to the upcoming LG wearable device incorporated with Google Wear.

Check out the video of the performance improvement.

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