HTC Latest Phone – The Butterfly 2

HTC announced  the Butterfly 2 – targeted at Asian markets and would be making its way to Singapore soon. It will also be available in regional countries in Taiwan (first) followed by Hong Kong, India, Malaysia and Thailand.

The Butterfly 2 is similarly spec to the HTC One series. It uses the same 5.0 – inch, FullHD display, same processor as the HTC One M8 and E8, 16gb storage,. Main differences would be the 13 megapixel main sensor instead of the M8’s UltraPixel, water and dust resistant, and a plastic polycarbonate shell. Despite dropping the 4.0MP ultrapixel camera, the HTC Butterfly 2 retains the additional depth sensor for focal detection and edits, Choices of colors are blue, white and red.

With so many similar phones, HTC is pushing out the variants to address different the different needs at the top end premium category. Based on the announced features, I would say that the Butterfly 2 might be a better buy compared to the HTC One M8. However, I put less emphasis on the build quality and night (low-light) camera performance, which are the strengths of the M8.  Distinctions versus the E8 is less clear and it might just boil down to price. There’s no word on price yet for the Butterfly 2 – but I anticipate that it would come in closer to the M8 rather than the E8.


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