The new ZenWatch 2 has more than 90 Permutations!

The new ZenWatch 2 has more than 90 Permutations!

ASUS continues their strong presence at the Computex Show with the unveiling of the Zenwatch 2. Instead of a single design, the Zenwatch 2 offers two size choices, three colours, and eighteen strap options in a variety of materials and colors. Simple math would indicate 2 x 3 x 16 (lumped the stainless steel choice together) = 96! ASUS definitely wants this watch to be able to adapt to a variety of lifestyle choices and fashion styles.

The watch face is similar to the Zenwatch, which is angular screen covered by a 2.5D curved glass. From the press photos, the screen appears to be more squarish. I do appreciate that there’s more options now for further personalization. The smaller watch size should also make the Asus Zenwatch a more suitable choice for ladies. There’s a rubber strap in bold bright colours, Blue Orange, Red and Taupe. For those who prefer leather, you can pick from Khaiki, Brown, Gray, Blue and Orange. Lastly, there’s also a stainless steel bracelet which will match the watch face in silver, gunmetal or rose gold options. Oh, there’s still one more option, which is for the extravagant. Asus has partnered with Swarovski for a leather strap embossed with Swarovski crystals. No mention on the prices yet.

Similar to the Apple Watch, the Asus ZenWatch 2 sports a crown button, which will allow a ‘new way to interact with the watch’. Exactly how, doesn’t seem to be clear yet. I’m hoping they include a scroll sensor and with that, I bet the XDA hackers and app developers can extend the functionality of the crown to other apps.

Otherwise, the watch is pretty much standard Android wear. It will support the latest Android 5.1 OS and should be able to support Wi-Fi connection as an alternative.

Much remains to be seen and learnt about the Zenwatch 2. There are bold claims which lacks specific information such as a “dramatically improved” magnetic charger onboard, but specific details on charge time or on battery life are unclear. We will update once further news on pricing and release dates are available.

ZenWatch 2 (WI501Q) ZenWatch 2 (WI502Q)
Processor Qualcomm® processor
Operating System Android Wear
Cover Lens 2.5D curved Corning® Gorilla® Glass 3
Charging Magnet charger cable
Water Resistance IP67
Colors Silver, Gunmetal, Rose-Gold
Strap 22mm (Rubber, Leather, Metal) 18mm (Rubber, Leather, Metal)
Dimensions 49 x 41mm 45 x 37mm
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