LG G Watch R Receives WiFi Update

Recently, I updated my LG G Watch R to the latest Android Wear update, and I noted a few changes off the bat. There’s a new charging display that’s bigger and clearer to read when the watch is on the cradle. It looks a lot like the Moto 360 charging display, sans the flat tire. In addition, this update also brings Wi-Fi to the G Watch R.

With the G Watch R being Wi-Fi capable, it allows wearers to receive notifications and other information on their wrists even without being Bluetooth paired. However, it seems like WiFi on drains the battery a bit more.

The rest of the updates are aligned to the latest Android Wear firmware. The G Watch R will now support interactive watch faces which owners can download from Google Play. Interactive watch faces allow users to tap on specific areas of the watch display in order to see additional related information. There’s “Bits” and “Together”, designed to make it easier (and more fun) to stay connected, right from your wrist. Bits looks interesting, which seems to take bits from an Apple Watch, while Together seems more suited for couples.

BITS Watchface
BITS Watchface

With the new update, there’s also a new four-day weather forecast or performing translations on the watch directly.

For those who have not received the OTA update (LCA44B) and want to do it yourself, here are the links:


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