Ultimate Ears Introduces Block Party for Speakers

If you own a Ultimate Ears speaker, there’s a new software feature called Block Party for the UE BOOM 2, UE ROLL and UE MEGABOOM. This new feature gives music fans a new way to share and experience music.

Through any UE app, the Block Party feature allows three friends to connect to a single UE BOOM 2, UE ROLL or UE MEGABOOM and use their favourite music services to share songs through the same speaker. Music fans are now in control like never before, with the power to channel their inner DJ by controlling the playlist and discovering new music all night long.

“We live in a world with multiple music services and devices,” said Rory Dooley, general manager of Ultimate Ears. “With Block Party, we’ve made it as simple and as easy as possible for you to share your music. Through the app, we make our already awesome speakers better over time as we continue to unlock more ways for you to get the most from your speaker, from Double Up to Tap Controls and now, Block Party.”

Plus, today’s app enhancement brings the much-loved UE BOOM 2 Tap Controls feature to UE MEGABOOM, so you can leave your phone in your pocket and play, pause and skip songs directly through your UE BOOM 2 and UE MEGABOOM, simply by tapping the top of the speaker.

The latest ground-breaking capabilities of the UE speakers build upon what the app already provides, including the ability to wake up in the morning to your favourite music through the alarm clock, custom-tune your speaker using the five-band equalizer, remotely turn on and off the speaker and pair multiple UE speakers through Double Up.

Image Source: Logitech
Image Source: Logitech


Block Party is an app and speaker enhancement and is available on UE BOOM 2, UE ROLL and UE MEGABOOM through the UE BOOM, UE ROLL and UE MEGABOOM apps. Tap Controls is an app enhancement available on UE BOOM 2 and UE MEGABOOM through the UE BOOM and UE MEGABOOM apps. The app enhancement is expected to be available through the iOS® and Android™ app stores on October 20.


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