MINDEF Non Camera Phones Policy – Scratch Out the Lens

If you were one of the NSF / Regulars that was posted to the SAF Red Zone Camp previously, you can now rejoice thanks to the latest policy on non-camera phones. MINDEF has sanctioned the use of camera phones, provided the lens, both front and back, are permanently disabled. Scratching is an approved method.

The two non-camera manufacturers in Singapore (iNo and SGHitech) just saw their local market shrink to zero. I hear that Abu Dhabi and the Middle East still have the hots for these phones though.

Concurrently, the change also allows for phones that are larger than 4.3 inch to be brought in. Great! That former rule was a little archaic I must say. Would you bear to scratch out the lens on a brand new iPhone 6S Plus or Samsung Galaxy S7? Let us know!


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