Review : LG G5 – Time for fun #LetsPlaySG

Last year LG created one of the best flagship with the lG G4.

But with lower-than-competitors specs, LG G4 did not gained much attention in term of design & power. This year LG seeks to be able to hold themselves against competitors such as HTC & Samsung. The difference is this time round, G5 added a little trick to its phone – the Modular design. Without further ado, let us find out what has LG done this year.

There have been concerns over the years that despite its premium positioning, LG G series has never truly felt like a flagship for the first few generations (we are looking at you too, Samsung). It was only until last year where leather back cover was introduced for G4 to showcase the premium look. This year, LG raised their own game by giving G5 a full metal cover, putting them on par with the rest of the flagship phone in this year market.

It’s understandable why LG G5 move the volume buttons to the side, with so much features squeezed (We will touch on that in the latter part of the review) at the back of the phone, it may look overwhelming to keep a clean design.
Rejoice! LG has finally added a fingerprint sensor on the power button, which is a slight disappointment on last year LG G4 when competitors ha been utilizing it 2 years ago. The fingerprint sensor is able to read & unlock phone almost instantly. To avoid accidental unlocking when you are trying to check notification or read the time, .do stick to the double tap feature since LG G2.

20160521_165424_Burst01You would be happy to know that Fast-charger is bundled with the retail unit this time round. LG G5 support up to QC 3.0 so you can quickly top up some battery juice before heading out.

An interesting thing to note is that rather than staying on the same 5.5″ 2K display, LG has reduced G5 screen size to 5.3″- a minor change but still the largest in current market (for comparison Samsung S7 is 5.1″, HTC 10 is 5.2″, Sony Xperia X is 5″ respectively). The resolution is still being kept at a high 1440 x 2560 pixels, so you enjoy even a sharper image on the phone

LG Friends – Modular design