Google Search: Trending Gadgets in Singapore (2018)

An ever-growing fascination with tech Singaporeans love for the latest technology have taken to new heights, with two main insights:
  • Smartphones dominate the gadget market, with 8 / 10 of the top gadget search interests for phones
  • Apple takes 5 out of 10 spots with their 2018 product launches
With the exception of Apple Watch 4 (#7, Trending Gadgets) and iPad Pro (#10, Trending Gadgets), this year continues to see strong competition and interest in  smartphones, with Apple’s iPhone XS (#1, Trending Gadgets)Samsung Note 9 (#2, Trending Gadgets) and the latest Google Pixel 3 (#6, Trending Gadgets),  emerging among the top trending gadgets over the past year. A slew of revolutionary features combining Artificial Intelligence (AI) with software and hardware have been introduced this year, marking a new era of smartphone devices based on voice, motion and touch. This year, the Singapore Comex 2018 (#1, Trending Events in Singapore) joined the list for the very first time, followed by the IT Show 2018 (#2, Trending Events in Singapore) which moved up a spot from 2017. Both events were the top two trending searched events in Singapore, revealing how Singaporeans are always on a lookout for a good electronics deal both online and offline.     
Trending Gadgets
iPhone XS
Samsung Note 9
iPhone XR
Huawei Mate 20 Pro
Huawei Nova 3i
Google Pixel 3
Apple Watch 4
Oneplus 6
iPhone 9
iPad Pro
Trending Events in Singapore
Comex 2018
IT Show 2018
i Light Marina Bay 2018
Rainforest Lumina
Singapore Night Festival 2018
Prudential Marina Bay Carnival
JJ Lin Concert
F1 2018
Artbox Singapore 2018
Chingay Parade
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Kaer is a tech geek and star wars fan. He loves playing with new gadgets, writing little code snippets in Python, JS, and dabbling with Android programming from time to time, while keeping a lookout for the next biggest happening in the world of tech!