iPhone 5 Singtel/Starhub/M1/Apple Store – From 21 Sep

All 3 telcos (Singtel, Starhub, M1) have announced that they will sell the iPhone 5 beginning Friday, September 21. Alongside, they have also announced their new 4G LTE plans.

Singtel and M1 have announced the details of their price plans for the iPhone 5, and the pricing is as follows. The price comparison between M1 and Singtel is shown below and it looks like M1 is aggressive. The basic model iPhone 5 16GB is great value from M1 with the Value+ plan a significant 48 dollars cheaper than Singtel. For the prices from Starhub, only the iPhone 5 16GB is competitive. The rest of the prices are ridiculously more expensive than the others.

M1 iPhone 5 Price Plan | Singtel iPhone 5 Price Plan | Starhub iPHone 5 Price Plan

Model Telco Value+ or iFlexLite Lite+ or iFlexValue Extreme+ or iFlexPlus Max+ or iFlexPremium
iPhone 5 16GB Singtel 478 198 0 0
iPhone 5 16GB M1 430 190 0 0
iPhone 5 16GB Starhub 473 233 0 0
iPhone 5 32GB Singtel 598 48 0 0
iPhone 5 32GB M1 580 290 20 0
iPhone 5 32GB Starhub 613 343 83 0
iPhone 5 64GB Singtel 758 468 198 58
iPhone 5 64GB M1 710 450 150 55
iPhone 5 64GB Starhub 768 498 228 78

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We are expecting the price for iPhone 5 (16GB) to be at S$498 with a basic 4G plan, i.e. the same launch price as the iPhone 4S.SingTel today announced it will offer iPhone 5, the thinnest and lightest iPhone ever, to customers in Singapore beginning Friday, September 21. Follow their website here to pre-order Singtel iPhone 5.Likewise for Starhub pre-order, their website here. Starhub has updated the site to allow for pre-registration.M1 pre-order website here and they have revamped their iPhone price plans and its actually cheaper compared to normal. It is not a 4G plan though, just a normal 3G plan and if you add the 4G VAS, it becomes more expensive than Singtel.

Don’t forget, you can also buy from Apple Store too. The launch price is S$948 for the 16gb model and likely 1088 for the 32gb and 1238 for the 64gb. Same as the previous models. Past experience shows that you can pre-order from them too and they will ship out either on the 21st or 22 of September. But stocks are expected to be limited so do it fast.

iPhone Plans (M1)

iPhone Plans iPhone
Monthly Subscription $36 $56 $98 $198
Voice Bundle (mins) 100 300 700 Unlimited
Message Bundle (SMS/MMS) 600 800 1000 2000
Free Local Data Bundle 2GB 3GB 5GB 12GB
Exclusive benefit for re-contracting customers:
Free additional 1GB

Buy the Android Mini PC MK802 in Singapore

The MK802 II is a tiny computer that fits in the palm of your hands. It looks like a slightly bulky USB flash drive, but it actually has a processor, RAM, storage, and I/O ports, which make it a Mini PC. Running Android 4.0, the MK802 II Mini PC is designed for versatility and convenience. The tiny 200 gram PC can plug directly into any HDMI output for an on the go media player, internet browser, game machine or for general use. It lets you makes your dumb tv smart or your smart tv smarter. Best of all, its only US$69.20!

There’s also a microSD card slot for extra storage, a HDMI plug for connecting an external display, a full-sized USB port for a keyboard, mouse, or other accessory. The device also has a mini USB port which you can use to power the MK802, connect it to a computer, or plug in peripherals.


OS Android 4.0.4
Chipset Allwinner A10
Processor Frequency 1.5GHZ
Internal Memory 4GB
Memory Card Type TF card up to 32GB
Expansion Slot USB 2.0
External Storage Support USB HDD, up to 1 TB

What is it good for?

Bring your media over to a friend’s house without needing your phone, or never worry about using public PCs again. All of these niche uses give the MK802, and its kind, lots of potential.

Set up was easy enough, just plug it  into an HDMI port and a USB slot for juice (you can use the one on the TV) and that’s all. It takes a few moments to boot up, but once it does, you’re into good old Android. For control, you can plug in a wireless USB keyboard/mouse dongle or through droidmote. It’s an easy way to load up streaming movies or applications such as qvod or ppstream. Or to stream your own media, you can use PLEX.

All media tasks (HD video, YouTube etc,) were handled pretty well. Sometimes there is a bit of a lag on the UI — especially with things like Google Maps, or busy webpages — but in general it keeps up nicely.

Back in the real world, it’s fair to say that it didn’t take long before we got right into the whole Android-on-a-TV thing, and started to wonder about all the apps that might be well suited to this configuration. YouTube is an obvious example, and it worked much better on the MK802 than some native Smart TV apps we’ve seen. Of course, it’s even better when it brings apps to your TV that otherwise might not be available. The more time you spend with this, discovering suitable apps, the better it gets, and we could see some really unique uses for it going forward.

Right now, though, this is a neat little solution that will really appeal to tinkerers and Android fans.  As mentioned above, media playing works a charm, which is makes it a good light solution for dumb TVs, or those with poor app options. For 69.20 USD, it’s a steal, and it’s available through dealextreme.com, click here to buy it now. They do free shipping to Singapore.

Huawei Honor Non Camera for $398 (Brand New)

Update: Apologies. We were not able to accomplish the deal as the Telco has withheld the distribution of stocks to their resellers. We will continue to be on the look out for better deals in the meantime.

For those interested in getting the Huawei Honor Non Camera, do drop me an email. If there is sufficient interest (high chance as of now), I would be able to get it at $398 each for all of us. Included with the purchase would be an OEM certificate certifying that the camera has been removed (similar to what you get when you purchase the phone from starhub or m1), as well as a invoice from an official Singapore telco retailer.

Check out this review if you need to know more. Hopefully we’ll be able to install Android Jelly bean onto the phone. Otherwise, there is still ICS.


SSD Fever

Solid State Disks or SSD Prices have been on the downtrend with discounted prices reducing from approximately US$1 / GB to the current US$0.75 / GB. Amazon is currently selling the Crucial M4 SSD at less than $200. The Crucial M4 SSDs have been on the market nine months, and have built a good track record around mainstream value and reliability in that time. It has fantastic read speeds and strong write speeds as well. The Marvell controller is one of the better reliable ones and at the 256GB price range, this is currently one of the best deal.
However, prices in Singapore are still significantly marked up compared to US! A check on prices in Sim Lim showed that the same model Crucial 256GB SSD is currently retailing at S$379! That’s a significant $120 or 50% more expensive. Foregoing the warranty does seem like a viable alternative to buy from the US. Furthermore, with shipping concierge companies like VPost and ComGateway, make full use of their services plus the lower prices in the US to get an SSD for yourself. The average shipping price should be around S$15-$20 and for first time subscribers to both services, the initial discount should offset the price by approximately S$10, so do make full use of the first time offer! (DBS offers $10 off and 10% for first time ComGateway user.)

If you are considering a lower price point, another alternative for a great SSD is the Mushkin Chronos 120GB. You can buy it directly through Amazon through our Top Deals page. The Mushkin Chronos 120GB is an excellent performer and is currently one of the lowest priced SSDs around. I am using one myself and I am amazed by the speed boost it offers over a traditional SATA harddisk. After shipping, you would still save approximately 40% off the local retail pricing.

Most people tend to neglect hard disk speeds and focus on the storage capacity. An SSD, compared to a normal HDD, has no moving parts which limits the speed of the normal HDD. Similar to system memory, SSDs are microchips designed to store information. However, these are nonvolatile memory chips that can retain information the way hard drives do. For this reason, a computer that uses an SSD as the main storage device boots and shuts down very fast and can resume from sleep mode instantly. Software applications, including heavy ones like a 3D game or video-editing application, also take significantly less time to start and operate, compared with when the computer uses a hard drive as the main storage. For the amount of time we spend infront of the computer, application loading times, waiting for access to files, they all add up. Adding an SSD would reduce this time significantly and with the lower prices available today, now’s a good time to join the SSD fever and find out what you have been missing. A number of my colleagues have hopped on the bandwagon recently and they are enjoying the new found speeds!

A new SSD would help to speed up your computer in several ways:

  • Boot times will be significantly reduced.
  • Launching applications will occur in a near-instant.
  • Saving and opening documents won’t lag.
  • File copying and duplication speeds will improve.
  • Overall, your system will feel much snappier.