Huawei Honor ICS Update – Malaysian Version

The Huawei Honor is out of stock currently but be a little patient. Rumours are that M1 and Singtel would start offering this phone soon so for those non-Starhub contract people out there, there’s hope! Also, apparently during the first day launch, there were a couple of fortunate souls who bought the phone without contract at $428, it is unlikely that Starhub would continue to sell the phone without contract but perhaps one can try when M1 and Singtel launches. Confusion tends to exist with first day chaos.

Since there are more users out there now, here’s an ICS video showing off the capabilities off the phone with ICS loaded. The Huawei Honor comes with pretty decent specs and why restrict it with Gingerbread? Free your phone :)

The malaysian version of the 4.03 ICS ROM has also been recently launched and you can get it from the Huawei Malaysia website here. Apparently this version is non-beta and comes with more features than the Cambodian one. When would there be a Singapore version? 

Starhub launches the Huawei Honor Non Camera Version

Starhub has annouced that it will be selling the non-camera or camera removed version of the Huawei Honor U8860. This would benefit many Singaporean military personnel and those who work in sensitive locations where camera phones are disallowed. The price is only $48 with a low-end data plan and makes it very attractive to personnel in this industry whose other smartphone non camera choice is the Blackberry (RIM has been going downhill) and small numbers of the camera-removed Apple iPhone 4S which has since been discontinued. I’m quite certain that blackberry adopters would drop significantly with the launch of the Huawei as the Blackberry experience isn’t as good and forces people to sign up for a BIS plan.

Update: The phone has been selling well and has fast emerged as the non-camera phone for the military and other sensitive industry personnel. Gadgetreactor is consolidating a one-time mass buy for the phone at S$398! Details are available here.


The Huawei Honor is equipped with high end specs (1.4 GHz Snapdragon CPU with 512mb of RAM) which should be able to cope with many of the applications and demands today. Storage is expandable through a microSD card and it comes with 4.0″ LCD display. GPS, accelerometer and all the standard connectivity options are included. The provided battery at 1950mA is larger than its competitors and should see this phone lasting awhile longer. The OS is dated as it comes default with Gingerbread 2.3 but it is easily upgradable to ICS 4.0, by downloading the upgrade file here. Yes, it is the Cambodia version but it is an English ROM and works well.

After this, create a dload directory on your phone’s SD Card and copy the ZIP package to the directory.

Now, remove the connected USB cable and turn off the phone and then boot the phone into the idle mode.

Next, Click the Menu button to select the “Settings”> Storage> Software Update> SD card upgrade> select “OK” to perform the upgrade operation.

After this, when the screen displays “Upgrade Complete” means that the upgrade phase is completed, the phone will restart. It will likely take another 3 minutes for the boot process before it is completed.

The Complete Jailbreak Guide for iPod/iPhone/iPad

Jailbreaking lifts the limitations set by Apple and allows developers to expand the features on your iOS device (iPod / iPhone / iPad. More importantly, jailbreak is not illegal in the United States! However, with every iteration of iOS, there’s less reasons to jailbreak and increasingly, it has become harder too.

The below Jailbreak guide is for iOS version 8.4
Follow instructions at

The below Jailbreak guide is for iOS version: 5.1.1

The Quick 3 Step Guide to Jailbreak

  1. Update your device to iOS 5.1.1 through iTunes.
  2. Download Absynthe and extract the app to your desktop. Plug in your device, open Absynthe, quit iTunes (if its not closed automatically), and click the jailbreak button.
  3. Be patient. Your device will go into a fake restore session and reboot. When it reboots, DO NOT TOUCH IT OR UNPLUG IT. You will be notified on-screen when Absynthe completes the jailbreak. When it’s done, you can unplug your device from your computer.

And, it’s done. It IS really that simple.

Android Software Recommendation for the Nook

As of last count, Android’s Market has approximately 250,000+ apps to iOS Appstore of 350,000+. The numbers are steadily increasing and while the total number is not representative of the quality of the apps or the platform, it is a healthy sign indicating that the Android platform has attracted its fair share of developers. Having used Android for some time, I will recommending my favourite apps that I can’t seem to do without.

1) Pulse Reader – Pulse is a popular RSS Feed Reader for the Android Platform. The reason is simple. It is breathtakingly beautiful. It presents the newsfeed in a colourful interactive mosaic that maximises the use of the touch screen, i.e. both horizontal and vertical scrolling. While it may sound complex at first, the navigation is intuitive. It is easy to browse through the articles and a clean and elegant in-depth view is readily available at a click.

2) imo.IM – my current Instant Messenger of choice is the imo.IM beta. It provides a clean interface, tabbed chats, supports different IM protocols (Facebook Chat, Google Talk, MSN, Skype and more). Also, it allows multiple logins for MSN which doesn’t seem to work with the other clients, like Meebo, Palringo etc. The simplicity is one of its biggest attractions. It doesn’t try to add in too many extra features, bloating the memory footprint. It just does exactly what it needs to, and it does it well.

3) MoboPlayer – By far, the best video player on Android! It supports a large range of video format, from the standard AVI, MP4, MKV and even the more obscure RMVB format. It has subtitles support and has a clean library interface with auto-thumbnail generation. It does not add any watermark to the video, providing a sleek interface and none of the other competitors in the video playback category comes close. It’s a must have software for my nook color.

4) ³ (cubed) – The default Android music player is just average, and is strikingly lacklustre if you were to compare it to Apple’s alternative. If you are a frequent music listener, there are much better options out there, and for me, that option is ³. Your album list is displayed as a cube that, when you swipe up and down, spins around, scrolling through your albums. You can also swipe left and right to scroll through the alphabet instead of through your albums (which makes the process a bit faster). It has album-art fetching, and a plugin.

5) Adilko – I was looking for the Nook application when I stumbled upon Adilko and that stopped my search for an eBook reader. It supports a variety of formats and notably ePub, the industry standard format for digital publications and incorporates facilities for browsing online catalogs on thousands of books (including thousands of free public domain work) and downloading them directly into your personal library. The application features a day / night reading mode and the standard tweaks to borders / font sizes and also features a bookshelf-like user interface that allows for easy browsing and navigation of the books.