Review: Gateman WF10 Digital Lock

I bought the Gateman WF10 digital lock for my home. My first step towards a smart home should start from the entrance. It’s one of those gadgets which I have really appreciated after using it – simple, secure, convenient.

The Gateman WF10 is a handle-less digital rim lock that provides biometric (ie fingerprint recognition) and pin number access. It is easy on the budget too (I bought it directly from Korea through Qoo10) and it is quite the popular choice for homes. I installed it alongside my existing lock set so I can still lock it the traditional way if required. Gateman designs and manufactures digital door lock for the Yale brand. Korea is a huge proponent of digital door locks and Gateman is widely used there. If you are worried about the brand, this model is the same as Yale YDR4110 but it is assembled in Korea (not China) and is significantly cheaper.

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