HTC & PHUNK Limited Edition One M8

Want to own a creative art piece?

HTC has teamed up with design power house PHUNK, Singapore-based contemporary art and design collective, to create a limited edition version of the award-winning HTC One (M8) handset.

These 64 limited edition handsets would be exclusively launched across Japan, Singapore and Hong Kong. The HTC One M8 won numerous accolades for its design and creative folks may like the PHUNK art which is featured extensively on the back of the M8. Personally, not my cup of tea :) The artwork resembles twin snakes circling around a crown. It is a sharp contrast to the quality and luxurious image the M8 originally portrays.

Part of HTC’s design collaboration programme ‘Here’s to Creativity’ (kudos on the play on the name), HTC will partner and showcase the best design talent from across the globe to create original and innovative designs.

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OnePlusOne Pricing & Availability

The OnePlusOne looks set to be a very popular phone, with a phone that is powerfully unique, shockingly cheap.

In an interesting marketing twist, OnePlusOne would only be available through an invite system. This means that only people who received an invitation from one of their friends or from OnePlus will be able to buy the device. After buying the device, you will receive a number of invitations that you can send to friends interested in the OnePlus One. Getting invites would be quite the challenge and invites would be a hot commodity for the next few months.

For now, the only way to secure an early invitation seems to be OnePlus’ Smash The Past contest. In exchange of sacrificing – literally smashing – your old phone, you will get to “buy” a OnePlus One for $1. There are 100 devices at stake, and each winner will be able to invite some friends to buy the phone. You only need to submit your email address to enter the contest. I can sort of imagine a spiralling web, 100 devices, maybe with 10-20 invites, and then the web continues to grow.

The OnePlus One will be offered at launch in two versions:

16GB Silk White – $299/€269/£229
64GB Silkstone Black – $349/€299/£269
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iNo Scout: Phone for the Garang Soldier

INO has continued to target the military market with the INO Scout – an armored non-camera phone perfect for the garang or active soldier.

The iNo Scout is a non-camera Android smartphone for demanding outdoor and rough indoor use. With a tough Gorilla glass screen and protective ruggedized design, it can resist up to 2.0 meters drop onto concrete, is shockproof, submersible in water and impervious to dust (IP 67). Sounds perfect for the outfield soldier and those with an active outdoor lifestyle.

The INO 2 have had numerous complaints on the paint peeling off from the phone edge and the side trim. Basically, you will have an ugly phone with dull peeled edges especially if you do not use it with a casing, and if you expose it to well, slightly harsher weather conditions. Basically, a daily affair out in sunny, humid Singapore. So if you would like to preserve your phone and also if you have butter fingers like me, then the iNo scout could be the perfect phone for you.
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Lumia 1520 – My First Windows Phone Experience

The Nokia Lumia 1520 will be my first maiden Windows Phone review. Yet, I’m not a total stranger to Windows phones though; my dad uses one and I helped him set it up. So why the lack of Windows phone love? The ecosystem pales in comparison to Apple and Google. Let’s face it, even Xiaomi outsells Nokia / Windows devices. The below table sums it up, even Xiaomi, a pretty new entrant to the smartphone market, has two phones on the Top 10 List.

That being said, let’s focus on the Nokia Lumia 1520, a “Phablet” per se, with a huge six inch screen.

It has been in the market already for a good 4 months, and the current retail price in Singapore, is approximately $750-780, price without contract. The current market leader in the Phablet category is no doubt the 5.7″ Galaxy Note 3, and how does the Lumia 1520 compare? Well, the Lumia 1520 is slightly taller and also heavier at 206g, as compared to 168g. Physical dimensions are 162.8 x 85.4 x 8.7 mm. Detailed specifications can be found on the internet, but the Lumia 1520 is definitely not shabby with a 2.2GHz, quad-core Snapdragon 800 processor and 2GB of RAM.
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HTC One M8 First Thoughts & Singapore Launch April 2014?

The HTC One (M8) will be available soon as part of a global launch, with target for North America markets set as 10th April. It is pretty likely the phone would also be made available in Singapore at around the same time, with all three major telcos, Singtel, Starhub, M1 part of the Asia Pacific group listed. The HTC One has embraced its coding moniker M8 as part of the name. Quick opinion of the phone is that it is a close sibling to last year’s model with subtle improvements all around.

To me, one of the plus of the HTC One was the sleek metal body last year, and that helped the M7 garner a few fans as opposed to the all conquering Samsung. In comparison, Samsung has continued on with the plastic feel and users who are looking for a more premium look to the phone to rival the iPhones, should seriously consider the HTC One M8. This year’s model comes in a darker gun metal hue, which coupled with the aluminium body, excudes a sense of class as compared to the other Android competitors. The redesigned curved edges and back also makes it easier to grip and hold. It’s a little more rounder, less sharp, with with softer curves for a smooth, more natural grip.
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A Supersized HTC One Max

HTC is targeting the large phone consumer segment with their 5.9″ and Sense 5.5 equipped HTC One Max. It brings the HTC One alumnium design, functionality, and performance over to a large screen format. The new feature includes a fingerprint scan, same as the iPhone 5S, and Sense 5.5 with a better overall software experience. Read More