iNO5 Non Camera Smartphone

iNO 5 is the latest non-camera smartphone from iNO Mobile, and is the successor to the iNo 3.

What was once a specialised niche changed last year after MINDEF rules relaxation. If I am not mistaken, MINDEF now the disabling of cameras on smartphones through sandblasting (sandpapering) the lens, or removal of the camera module and filling the gap with epoxy.
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iNO 3 Non Camera Now Available for Pre-Order

iNO 3, the latest non-camera mobile phone is now available for pre-order and stocks are expected to be in by first week of August. As a successor to the iNO 2, iNO 3 sees upgraded specs, and also to address the weak build quality that plagued earlier versions. iNO’s flagship non-camera device comes with 4G LTE, a quad-core processor, retina display, supported with an all day battery life and topped off with a strong sandstone finish.

iNO shared that one of the key design criteria for iNO3 was to make sure it had a more robust construction. The iNO 3 was subjected to repeatable impacts similar to those it may experience when in the hands of any typical user. This addressed one of the limitations of the earlier iNO 2 which saw many people switched to the more durable iNO Scout 2 or the SGHitech Excellence phones instead. Here’s a video from iNO Mobile of the iNO 3 handling a body height fall to concrete fall like a champ.

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