Review: Lenovo S6000 Bluetooth Keyboard

I picked up the Lenovo S6000 Bluetooth keyboard from Qoo10 recently, to use it with my HP Stream 7. I ended up spending quite a bit on my Stream 7, since a keyboard does help improve the usability of the tablet significantly. Although using it together can be rather hilarious – the keyboard is much bigger than the tablet.

The Lenovo S6000 Bluetooth keyboard is designed specially for the IdeaTab S6000, and serves as a cover, dock, and bluetooth keyboard. Since I don’t own a IdeaTab S6000, I am purely using the keyboard. I bought the Lenovo S6000 bluetooth keyboard at $19.90 from Qoo10 from seller (IDEAS FOR LIFE). The pricing is significantly better than eBay pricing, but on inspection, it looks authentic to me. Probably clearing leftover stock.

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Review: Logitech Keys-to-Go Offers Great Portability

Logitech latest Bluetooth keyboard is designed for iOS devices, as a compact, portable, water-resistant keyboard for on-the-go typing. It’s neither a case accessory nor does it offer any docking mechanism to prop up your iPad. It’s just a multi-device compatible, standalone bluetooth keyboard, but that allows it to be slim and portable. if you have an existing iPad cover already with a prop function, which most people do, this makes for a great addition as a standalone iPad keyboard when you need one.

The top row is iOS centric, with shortcut keys for common iOS tasks. They allow you to return to the home screen, search, launch Siri and activate the multi tasking window or take a screenshot, and volume buttons. Your mileage may vary with other devices such as Windows or Android, but some aspect are common, such as search and volume control keys. But on Android, it will bring up the camera app with the front facing camera so you can stare at yourself. There’s also a main button for activating Bluetooth to discovery mode which allows you to switch devices pretty quickly. Pretty convenient. There’s a dedicated key for screenshots on iOS which is pretty convenient. The top-right corner of the keyboard is a button with a battery icon. Pressing it causes the small LED to light up, to mark the current level of the keyboard’s battery. It boasts a long three month battery life, and through the course of review (around 4 weeks) i only needed to charge it on the first day. I used it fairly often, for typing articles and also for taking notes on the iPad. It’s the same width as the iPad Air.

Logitech Keys to Go (4)

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