LG Newest OLED 55″ TV – EG920T

LG Singapore is bringing the brand-new 55-inch CURVED 4K OLED TV (Model EG920T) to Singapore. This is one of the latest model that was recently launched at IFA 2015 in Berlin. It costs over $5,000, ($5,499 to be exact), but you got to see it to understand why. The display panel is only 4.8mm (thinner than your smartphone), razor thin bezels, and a shimmering transparent stand that reduces visual clutter around the screen.

The EG920T has a 4K resolution (3840 x 2160) OLED screen featuring LG’s 33 Mega Color Pixel technology. Boasting 33 million sub-pixels, the advanced display produces an infinite contrast ratio and lifelike perfect colors. The screen’s self-lighting pixels switch on and off individually, providing a beautiful contrast of brightest whites and darkest blacks for a picture of surreal depth.

With the Clear Motion feature, motion blur is eliminated completely, making the TV the ideal solution for action-movie or sports aficionados. The EG920T boasts the ULTRA Surround system, which provides an audio performance that rivals the TV’s superb picture quality. It also includes webOS2.0, which is LG’s smart TV platform.

It’s currently available at the usual electronic retailers. You can also buy it online via Audio House @ Qoo10.I saw it for 5099 at Harvey Norman (West Mall). About 10% savings.

LG Air Purifiers Offers a Breath of Fresh Air in This Hazy Period

Haze has been an almost annual event in Singapore where our homes are invaded with all sorts of harmful dust particles and allergens. Neither is it going away anytime soon.

It is therefore essential that we protect our loved ones from becoming susceptible to these health hazards, especially for households with babies, children and elderly.

LG Air Purifier lineup includes the R459WN and S209WC. The product implements a number of cutting-edge filters that remove invisible air pollutants – including haze, haze-causing pollutants and other harmful airborne contaminants such as ultrafine particles and particulate matter 2.5 (PM2.5) – from the home.
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LG G Watch R Receives WiFi Update

Recently, I updated my LG G Watch R to the latest Android Wear update, and I noted a few changes off the bat. There’s a new charging display that’s bigger and clearer to read when the watch is on the cradle. It looks a lot like the Moto 360 charging display, sans the flat tire. In addition, this update also brings Wi-Fi to the G Watch R.

With the G Watch R being Wi-Fi capable, it allows wearers to receive notifications and other information on their wrists even without being Bluetooth paired. However, it seems like WiFi on drains the battery a bit more.
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LG Announces Mid-Range Phone Magna LTE for Singapore

The LG Magna LTE is the latest LG mid-range smartphone to be available in Singapore. If you are looking for a budget alternative to the LG G4, then the Magna comes close in terms of design and with a subtle curved display.

As LG describes, the Magna LTE sees the pairing of the most essential hardware with LG’s premium design elements and user experience. The LG Magna LTE is designed to fit more comfortably in the palm of one’s hand with its subtle 3000mm radius curved display. In-cell touch display technology on the Magna brings the on-screen images closer to the fingers for improved sensitivity and more direct touch response. In addition, LG is carrying over popular UX features originally designed for its premium smartphones. Gesture Shot, for instance, makes it easy to take selfies with a hand gesture that starts a three-second countdown. Glance View allows users to quickly access key information such as time, recent messages or missed calls with a simple downward swipe of the screen, even when the display is off.

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LG Minibeam Nano: LED Projector in a Tiny Package

The miniscule LG Minibeam Nano PV150G delivers high mobility and versatility to consumers for an enjoyable cinematic experience without the inconvenience of wires and weight.

LG is offering the Minibeam Nano as a free gift for selected TV models as part of their LG Red Fair promotion. Mobile projectors can be quite the fun, albeit extravagant gadget. For the mobile lifestylers, or those with small places, a mini projector can be described as a big screen TV that fits into your hand. All you need is a white surface to project it on. However, most of the mini projectors offer low brightness, some of the China ones are notoriously low, at only 20 lumens. At least this LG Minibeam Nano is rated 5x brighter at 100 lumens. But outside of a dark room, the image isn’t going to be that great.

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Get the Urbane Watch for Cheap from Qoo10

Available in either Rose Gold or Silver body, the LG Urbane is one of the best looking Android Wear watches we’ve seen so far. Priced the same as the lowest Apple Watch Sports, the LG Watch Urbane is the latest Android Wear watches to hit the market. The Google Play Store retail price is US$349 (S$460), but you can get it cheaper from Korea through Qoo10 at S$399. These import models are official LG sets but to note, warranty will not be covered by local LG.

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