Logitech’s 2015 Play Collection M238 Mouse will Cheer You Up

The latest mice from Logitech are inspired by the latest trends in fashion, furniture design and accessories, for a trendy and distinctive look. They feature the friendly faces of playful characters, and colourful patterns and shapes. The Logitech M238 aren’t half bad either, and sport features from the usual Logitech mice line up, such as long-lasting battery life, unifying dongle, and long range of up to 10m.

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Review: Logitech G910 Mech Keyboard – Not the Usual Cherries, But Still Good

The Logitech G910 is a full RGB backlit gaming mechanical keyboard that is rather unique. Unlike the traditional mechanical keyboards that features Cherry MX switches or Cherry clones, the Logitech G910 (“Orion Spark”) features a new exclusive switch type – the Romer G. Let’s see how the Logitech G910 functions as both a gaming keyboard and from a typist perspective.

Disclaimer first. This is the first mechanical keyboard that I used extensively. I haven’t got around to buying a mechanical keyboard for myself but have been on the look out for one. So I do appreciate Logitech loaning me the G910 for the review and to see if I like mechanical keyboards in general. During the course of the review, I also received another mechanical keyboard for review with Cherry MX Blue keys, so I had a chance to look closer at the difference between them.

Back to the G910, this keyboard is quite well featured and has a whole lot of fancy bells and whistles. The RGB Lighting is the definite star of the show. Plug it to your computer and it comes to life as it cycles through the colour spectrum in a wave effect. This lasts for a few seconds before it defaults to blue backlighting. All can be customised.

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Review: UE Boom, Great for the Outdoors

I had the chance to review the Ultimate Ears (UE) Boom speaker recently. The UE Boom speaker is the go-to speaker for convenient wireless on-the-go music listening, while offering good sound quality in a sleek portable package. There’s a coming Megaboom to be launched later, but that’s bigger and about double the volume of the original Boom, which might appeal to a different audience.


The UE Boom is about 1.5x the size of a typical drink can, which makes it easy to fit a carry on bag and bring around. There are a number of nice bright colours to choose from, which gives off a cool sporty vibe. All of them uses the same rubber material, which they termed it an acoustic skin. It feels really durable, the rubber material feels strong enough to withstand light knocks and scratches. The UE Boom is also water resistant, so you can safely take it to the outdoors, on your camping trips, and it would be able to withstand them. There are great convenient features like the D-ring clip on one side so you can hook it up to an external bag or mount it a central location at your party. Such touches really add to the value and specific use case for the UE Boom.

ue-boom-colour (Large)

Logitech-UE-Boom (2)

Besides Bluetooth, it also supports the traditional 3.5mm connection. In fact, up to eight Bluetooth devices can pair with the UE Boom at one time, so your friends can all get to play their favourite music easily. Might get a little messy when everybody is vy-ing for some air time though. The battery life is rated at 15 hours. The Boom can be upgraded to the latest software, which now allows the speaker to be turned on and off remotely. Although there’s a caution on impact to battery life, my experience is that it is extremely marginal. After a week, it was still reporting the same battery percentage (in steps of 10). You can easily check the remaining power by pressing both the vol up / down buttons together. It’s quite convenient and a small but useful feature that other manufacturers do leave out.

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Review: Logitech Keys-to-Go Offers Great Portability

Logitech latest Bluetooth keyboard is designed for iOS devices, as a compact, portable, water-resistant keyboard for on-the-go typing. It’s neither a case accessory nor does it offer any docking mechanism to prop up your iPad. It’s just a multi-device compatible, standalone bluetooth keyboard, but that allows it to be slim and portable. if you have an existing iPad cover already with a prop function, which most people do, this makes for a great addition as a standalone iPad keyboard when you need one.

The top row is iOS centric, with shortcut keys for common iOS tasks. They allow you to return to the home screen, search, launch Siri and activate the multi tasking window or take a screenshot, and volume buttons. Your mileage may vary with other devices such as Windows or Android, but some aspect are common, such as search and volume control keys. But on Android, it will bring up the camera app with the front facing camera so you can stare at yourself. There’s also a main button for activating Bluetooth to discovery mode which allows you to switch devices pretty quickly. Pretty convenient. There’s a dedicated key for screenshots on iOS which is pretty convenient. The top-right corner of the keyboard is a button with a battery icon. Pressing it causes the small LED to light up, to mark the current level of the keyboard’s battery. It boasts a long three month battery life, and through the course of review (around 4 weeks) i only needed to charge it on the first day. I used it fairly often, for typing articles and also for taking notes on the iPad. It’s the same width as the iPad Air.

Logitech Keys to Go (4)

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