PRIDE Non-Camera: A First Look at what is to Come

It’s a brand new year, and 2014 brings anticipation of new iPhones, Galaxy S5, Note 4s, but for non-camera phone users, choice is always limited. You would be hard pressed to find non camera phones besides INO, and camera-removed models such as the Samsung S4 Mini. Well, in 2014, along comes a potential new player on the block, Absolute Solutions Pte Ltd, with the still-in-development non-camera phone tentatively named as “PRIDE”. It is still early stages, but the phone is expected to launch mid this year.

I had an early preview of the phone to give users a sense of what to expect. There are still further developmental activities and a bump up to the specifications as well to make it more attractive to users. However, for the actual launch model, it will come with an Octa Core chip (MT 6592) and 2GB ram for a good performance increase.

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Paranoid Android for Nexus 4

The Nexus 4 is a great phone but the lack of hardware buttons means that the softkey buttons take up an additional row on screen. However, My favorite ROM (Paranoid Android, that is) has received another update which adds a completely new feature: PIE controls in fullscreen mode (watch the video below to find out what is is).

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