iNO5 Non Camera Smartphone

iNO 5 is the latest non-camera smartphone from iNO Mobile, and is the successor to the iNo 3.

What was once a specialised niche changed last year after MINDEF rules relaxation. If I am not mistaken, MINDEF now the disabling of cameras on smartphones through sandblasting (sandpapering) the lens, or removal of the camera module and filling the gap with epoxy.
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MINDEF Non Camera Phones Policy – Scratch Out the Lens

If you were one of the NSF / Regulars that was posted to the SAF Red Zone Camp previously, you can now rejoice thanks to the latest policy on non-camera phones. MINDEF has sanctioned the use of camera phones, provided the lens, both front and back, are permanently disabled. Scratching is an approved method.

The two non-camera manufacturers in Singapore (iNo and SGHitech) just saw their local market shrink to zero. I hear that Abu Dhabi and the Middle East still have the hots for these phones though.

Concurrently, the change also allows for phones that are larger than 4.3 inch to be brought in. Great! That former rule was a little archaic I must say. Would you bear to scratch out the lens on a brand new iPhone 6S Plus or Samsung Galaxy S7? Let us know!

iNO 3 Non Camera Now Available for Pre-Order

iNO 3, the latest non-camera mobile phone is now available for pre-order and stocks are expected to be in by first week of August. As a successor to the iNO 2, iNO 3 sees upgraded specs, and also to address the weak build quality that plagued earlier versions. iNO’s flagship non-camera device comes with 4G LTE, a quad-core processor, retina display, supported with an all day battery life and topped off with a strong sandstone finish.

iNO shared that one of the key design criteria for iNO3 was to make sure it had a more robust construction. The iNO 3 was subjected to repeatable impacts similar to those it may experience when in the hands of any typical user. This addressed one of the limitations of the earlier iNO 2 which saw many people switched to the more durable iNO Scout 2 or the SGHitech Excellence phones instead. Here’s a video from iNO Mobile of the iNO 3 handling a body height fall to concrete fall like a champ.

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LG L60 Non Camera Phone

The LG L60 is a budget choice for non camera users at S$160. Specifications are on the low side, but pricing is also cheaper compared to the Ino and SG Hitech phones. Take note that the L60 is a camera removed model, and it comes with an included certificate to indicate that the camera is removed. You would likely need to get a MINDEF MSD approved sticker in order to use the phone in red zone.

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iNO Scout 2 Now Available

The iNO SCOUT 2 offers some useful upgrades over last year iNO Scout 1, and remains as the toughest non-camera phone for the Singapore market. The processor sees a slight upgrade and now offers 4x more internal memory as compared to the first generation version. The software has also been upgraded and the iNo Scout 2 runs on Android 4.4 Kitkat. It retains the same rubber ruggedised side protection but the new model is also slimmer at 16.5mm. No worries on bringing the phone outfield thatnks to the IP67 rating and the shock proof protection.

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iNo Scout: Phone for the Garang Soldier

INO has continued to target the military market with the INO Scout – an armored non-camera phone perfect for the garang or active soldier.

The iNo Scout is a non-camera Android smartphone for demanding outdoor and rough indoor use. With a tough Gorilla glass screen and protective ruggedized design, it can resist up to 2.0 meters drop onto concrete, is shockproof, submersible in water and impervious to dust (IP 67). Sounds perfect for the outfield soldier and those with an active outdoor lifestyle.

The INO 2 have had numerous complaints on the paint peeling off from the phone edge and the side trim. Basically, you will have an ugly phone with dull peeled edges especially if you do not use it with a casing, and if you expose it to well, slightly harsher weather conditions. Basically, a daily affair out in sunny, humid Singapore. So if you would like to preserve your phone and also if you have butter fingers like me, then the iNo scout could be the perfect phone for you.
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