PRIDE Non-Camera: A First Look at what is to Come

It’s a brand new year, and 2014 brings anticipation of new iPhones, Galaxy S5, Note 4s, but for non-camera phone users, choice is always limited. You would be hard pressed to find non camera phones besides INO, and camera-removed models such as the Samsung S4 Mini. Well, in 2014, along comes a potential new player on the block, Absolute Solutions Pte Ltd, with the still-in-development non-camera phone tentatively named as “PRIDE”. It is still early stages, but the phone is expected to launch mid this year.

I had an early preview of the phone to give users a sense of what to expect. There are still further developmental activities and a bump up to the specifications as well to make it more attractive to users. However, for the actual launch model, it will come with an Octa Core chip (MT 6592) and 2GB ram for a good performance increase.

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Non-Camera Phone Choices (2013) for SAF

For SAF and military-related folks such as those working in DSTA, DSO, non-camera phone choices are limited. Not only, there’s also the archaic rule of the screen size not exceeding 4.3″ to adhere to as well. These limit choices of phones in the market, and non-camera options such as the Ino-One Plus are immensely popular, becoming somewhat of a standard issue. The Samsung S4 Galaxy Mini (Non Camera) is the latest available, and is it the one to get?
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iNO One Plus – Information and Specs

iNO are getting ready to launch the successor to the iNo One, an Android Non-Camera Smartphone, which turned out to be a great hit for the military folks. No surprises there really, what with the dearth of smart phones in this unique segment and the military unique requirement for a “OEM” certified non camera phone which proved to be a bane for other competition such as the iPhone or the Huawei camera-removed Honour.
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Review of the iNo One (Non Camera)

Stocks are in for the iNo-One and one new surprise, but it is a good one! I am surprised that it came with Ice Cream Sandwich but it’s great as you get all the benefits of the newer OS like a smoother and slicker interface, access to more programs such as Chrome. I had the opportunity to play with the phone for awhile and first impression was that it was quite responsive. While no stocks available at the moment, the company mentioned on iNo Mobile website that they are still accepting orders for the second shipment coming in mid to late October.

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Launch of LG Optimus L5 – Non Camera

LG has announced a non-camera variant for the LG Optimus L5 for Singapore. It is low to mid-range Android phone that comes with 4.0 Ice Cream Sandwich. While equipped with a 4.0 inch TFT capacitative touch screen, it only has a resolution of 320 x 480. This is low in comparison to competitors like the Huawei Honor U8860 or the iNo-One non-camera phone. Since it is launched directly by LG, it would be easier to get it through MINDEF security as an official non-camera phone.

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Can't bring Samsung Galaxy SGS3 into SAF camp

Remember that news where you can start bringing camera phones into saf camps?

I got news from the fine print for you. You can’t bring your SGS3, or your Samsung Note into camp. And definitely not your nexus 7.

I know the rule of less than 4.3 inch is an old rule, but they really need to review the regulations in totality.

Now instead of buying a extra non-camera phone, you’ll have to buy an extra camera/but small size phone for use in saf camps. Isn’t the end result the same. People just want to be able to use the latest model of phones.

A better approach is developing software that would disable your camera the moment you enter saf camps. This can be done by GPS/ Mobile triangulation, or even NFC technology. I know there are companies doing it. Here is one example.