ASUS Announces RT-AX88U

The ASUS RT-AX88U router with 802.11ax Wi-Fi technology delivers ultrafast Wi-Fi speeds, improved network coverage and capacity, and longer battery life for connected devices. The RT-AX88U features a powerful 64-bit 1.8GHz quad-core processor to ensure smooth and responsive performance as well as two USB ports and eight Gigabit LAN parts to provide users the flexibility to expand and configure their network the way they want.
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Google WiFi Comes to Singapore

Google WiFi is now available in Singapore. These round hockey puck-like objects allow you to blanket your home in WiFi and forever bid poor signal strength goodbye. Running on the latest mesh technology, you no longer need bulky and frankly, ugly home routers anymore. Google WiFi will be available through a partnership with StarHub.

Alex King, Product Manager Google WiFi shared key product highlights and how to set it up. Google WiFi looks really easy to use, everything can be configured through an Apple or Android phone, and once done, allows you to administer your home network directly from the app. You don’t even need to be at home to enable / disable WiFi and administer your network. There are some handy features that Google has introduced which you may want to check out. For example, through the app, you can manage kids’ screen time by pausing Wi-Fi to their devices at bedtime, during dinnertime, or whenever appropriate.

With the Google Wifi app, you can also see which devices are connected to your network and how much bandwidth they’re using. Streaming your favourite scene from Descendants of the Sun on your TV? Give it more bandwidth and a faster connection by selecting it as a “Priority Device”. Now you can sit back and enjoy that episode uninterrupted by other devices in your home.

Google shared that Google WiFi will constantly optimise your WiFi signal. It will be able to automatically transition your device between the Google Wifi system points, keeping you connected to the point with the strongest signal so you avoid dead spots or delays. This feature will also be able to select and use the least congested WiFi channel in realtime.

Afraid that it will look out of place? Here’s some possibilities from Google on setting up Google WiFi

Living Room or Study
Why not the kitchen?

Features that Impress

Mesh coverage

A 3 pc Google WiFi is estimated to cover up to large homes of 3000-4500 sq feet. You no longer need to worry about weak WiFi signals, or poor network throughput if you use repeaters.

Automatic Updates

The Google WiFi will receive and automatically install latest updates from Google. There’s no need to log in to flash the firmware which is the common approach for yester-year routers. In a way, this allows you to grab the latest features without the need to do anything.

Guest Network

Google WiFi allows you to setup an alternate guest network easily. Now, other routers may have similar guest network features, but Google WiFi stands out with the ability to selectively share your private network devices to the guest network. Devices like your Chromecast, or your NAS can be accessed easily by your guests without compromising on security.


  • Connectivity
    • AC1200 2×2 Wave 2 Wi-Fi
    • Expandable mesh Wi-Fi
    • Simultaneous dual-band Wi-Fi (2.4GHz / 5GHz) supporting IEEE 802.11a/b/g/n/ac
    • Two Gigabit Ethernet ports
    • LAN / WAN configurable
  • Security
    • WPA2-PSK
    • Automatic security updates
  • Memory
    • 512MB RAM
    • 4GB eMMC
  • Processor
    • Quad-core ARM CPU
    • 710 MHz
  • Power
    • 15W power adapter
    • Approx 9W
  • Dimensions & Weight
    • 4.1 in dia
    • 2.7 in H
    • 12.0 oz (340.0 g)

Google Wifi in stores on 31 August

Starting 31 August, customers in Singapore will be able to buy a three-pack Google Wifi bundle at $15 per month over 24 months when they sign up for or renew selected StarHub Broadband or Hubbing all-in-one plans.

Interested to know more? Check out my series of unboxing pictures here.

Review: Portal: Turbocharged WiFi router

Ignition Design Labs funded a new router called “Portal” via Kickstarter. A team of people experienced with designing routers, they aimed to build a router that maximizes the speed of wi-fi through two ways. First, FastLanes uses Dynamic Frequency Selection which would let you use 5 Ghz channels that are not typically available, while SmartLanes would help to reguarly select the least congested channel for your devices to be connected on. The promise is More Speed & More Range.

The question is…. does it really work in Singapore’s HDB nest of wifi signals.

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Review: DIR-885L AC3150 Router – Redhead Stunner

D-Link’s DIR-885L router is designed for today’s more demanding and sophisticated users. Rightfully so, as applications and bandwidth demands have doubled or tripled.

In a typical household, WiFi devices easily numbers in the 10-20s, with each household member having 3-4 WiFi connected devices, not to mention a slew of accessories such as remote controllers, WiFi cameras, network storage and more.
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Review: D-Link DIR-890L router

Going beyond AC2400, we now have AC3200 routers on the market, and the D-Link DIR-890 router is one of them. We previously did a short introduction of the router when it first launched. Today, we’ll be doing a short review on an actual unit of the D-Link DIR-890, together with a comparison to the ASUS AC87U. The AC87U is not a AC3200 router, but it’s the next best router we have on our hands for a comparison.


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Review of ASUS RT-AC87U router

If you’ve been observing the Singapore’s fibre broadband market, the major players have been moving towards bundling top-end routers (for a price) with their 1 Gbs offerings. M1, Viewquest, Myrepublic all offer a variety of ASUS routers, Starhub offers Dlink routers, while Singtel offers a myriad of brands. No more crappy 2wire or Aztec routers from Singtel anymore. The consumers have spoken, and the providers have listened.


The question is, is there a need to pay upwards of $250 (with the broadband plans) to get a high end RT-AC87U, or is the AC56U sufficient. GadgetReactor takes a look at the performance of the RT-AC87U in a typical 4 room HDB flat for a typical user.

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