Singtel/M1 iPhone 5 Launch Event Details (21 Sep at Marina Bay Sands)

Singtel has updated their launch event details. Sales of the iPhone 5 will commence from 8am on 21 Sep, Friday at Marina Bay Sands. Looks like you will get the phones earlier than your US counterparts! The good thing is that this time around, by holding it at MBS instead of Comcentre should allow for a more organised queuing system. And on a Friday morning, should thin out the crowd a fair bit except for those hardcore Apple fans who might actually take leave to get their hands on an iPhone 5.

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iPhone 5 Singtel/Starhub/M1/Apple Store – From 21 Sep

All 3 telcos (Singtel, Starhub, M1) have announced that they will sell the iPhone 5 beginning Friday, September 21. Alongside, they have also announced their new 4G LTE plans.

Singtel and M1 have announced the details of their price plans for the iPhone 5, and the pricing is as follows. The price comparison between M1 and Singtel is shown below and it looks like M1 is aggressive. The basic model iPhone 5 16GB is great value from M1 with the Value+ plan a significant 48 dollars cheaper than Singtel. For the prices from Starhub, only the iPhone 5 16GB is competitive. The rest of the prices are ridiculously more expensive than the others.

M1 iPhone 5 Price Plan | Singtel iPhone 5 Price Plan | Starhub iPHone 5 Price Plan

Model Telco Value+ or iFlexLite Lite+ or iFlexValue Extreme+ or iFlexPlus Max+ or iFlexPremium
iPhone 5 16GB Singtel 478 198 0 0
iPhone 5 16GB M1 430 190 0 0
iPhone 5 16GB Starhub 473 233 0 0
iPhone 5 32GB Singtel 598 48 0 0
iPhone 5 32GB M1 580 290 20 0
iPhone 5 32GB Starhub 613 343 83 0
iPhone 5 64GB Singtel 758 468 198 58
iPhone 5 64GB M1 710 450 150 55
iPhone 5 64GB Starhub 768 498 228 78

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We are expecting the price for iPhone 5 (16GB) to be at S$498 with a basic 4G plan, i.e. the same launch price as the iPhone 4S.SingTel today announced it will offer iPhone 5, the thinnest and lightest iPhone ever, to customers in Singapore beginning Friday, September 21. Follow their website here to pre-order Singtel iPhone 5.Likewise for Starhub pre-order, their website here. Starhub has updated the site to allow for pre-registration.M1 pre-order website here and they have revamped their iPhone price plans and its actually cheaper compared to normal. It is not a 4G plan though, just a normal 3G plan and if you add the 4G VAS, it becomes more expensive than Singtel.

Don’t forget, you can also buy from Apple Store too. The launch price is S$948 for the 16gb model and likely 1088 for the 32gb and 1238 for the 64gb. Same as the previous models. Past experience shows that you can pre-order from them too and they will ship out either on the 21st or 22 of September. But stocks are expected to be limited so do it fast.

iPhone Plans (M1)

iPhone Plans iPhone
Monthly Subscription $36 $56 $98 $198
Voice Bundle (mins) 100 300 700 Unlimited
Message Bundle (SMS/MMS) 600 800 1000 2000
Free Local Data Bundle 2GB 3GB 5GB 12GB
Exclusive benefit for re-contracting customers:
Free additional 1GB

Nexus 7 – 3G & Singapore Launch Date

It has only been a couple of months since the Nexus 7 launch but rumours are abound that  a 3G version is currently in the works and would be launching soon. Currently, there are no other expected hardware changes to the Nexus 7, other than the inclusion of 3G.  With the imminent launch of the 7.85 inch iPad Mini and the new Amazon Kindle, this move by Google could help maintain the tablet’s popularity. At its low price point, the Nexus 7 could be the next tablet highly sought after by companies to distribute to their staff who require data-connection on the go. It’s a great tool for field engineers or sales staff.

Comparing an ASUS transformer 3G vs wifi, the price difference was $100. I’m guessing it will be similar, so you might be looking at our telcos offering it for 400sgd. Do I need 3G on my tablet? I have had 2 tablets without 3G and I never found myself looking for a 3G connection. I always have my phone in such a situation.  So I recommend sticking to the non-wifi version. But hey, at least there is one additional option now.

On another note, one of the surprises of Comex 2012 was the announcement of Starhub giving out free Nexus 7 for contracting with them for their Broadband services. Starhub has informed its customers that the collection date would be from 30 Oct 2012. This is likely to be the launch date for the Nexus 7 in Singapore which is still a good two months away. Why wait? With international warranty by Asus available and the expected high launch price in Singapore, the Nexus 7 is still a bargain if you get it from USA and shipped it over through vPost. Early adopters get a free US$25 Google Play credit and US$10 prepaid NFC card from Google. We aren’t sure how long these promotions would last so for Nexus 7 owners, do login to get them before they expire.

Already own a Nexus 7? Here are some of the gear that we think are important for your Nexus 7.

New iPhone 5 Launch in Singapore – Singtel/Starhub/M1

The all new iPhone 5 has generated so much buzz and attention. Following the announcement of the new iPhone 5 model on 12 Sep 12, actual sales of the iPhone 5 for Singapore is going to be on 21 Sep 2012, with pre-orders starting this Friday (14 Sep 12). As evidenced from the last iPhone 4S launch, Singapore, alongside Tokyo has been one of the lucky few of the first-to-launch countries and we are expecting the same this time around. So, do expect the usual long queues and iPhone frenzy at your Singtel, Starhub, M1 launch events. Based on past experience, pre-order is a must and perhaps even ask for the delivery option to save your hassle of queuing up, unless there are some goodie bags at the physical launch event. Read our related posts highlighted below to get more information on the launch and how to pre-order.


Update (13 Sep 12):  The Telcos have started to move. Read here for the latest updates.


Update (11 Sep 12):  The news is going to be released Singapore time 1 am on 13 Sep. We would be updating live via Facebook on the status. Like us on Facebook to get the latest updates when you wake up on Thursday Morning.

Update (05 Sep 12)Click here for more on the upcoming new iPhone 5 launch Annoucement – including leaked photos!


Two-Tone, Unibody Design. The new iPhone design is expected to be housed in a two-tone, unibody design that I think is quite attractive. The new housing design should allow it to be slimmer as compared to the iPhone 4S and overall, thinner and lighter as well. I like the new iPhone 5 design. The two-tone gives it a contemporary sleek look that scores high in the class department. The matte anodized aluminium finish help prevent those pesky fingerprint smudges on a glossy backplate.

Speed Improvements. Like the released iPad 3, the new iPhone 5 will get a speed bump. It might have the new A6 processor, which would promise better graphics capability as well as better multi-tasking. The iPhone 4S and/or the iPad are no slouches in the speed category and would compare quite well with the quad-core Android phones.

New Dock. The new iPhone 5 is expected to have a new, smaller dock connector. It will come with a smaller connector (almost micro-usb size) instead of the usual 30-pin connector which is currently how the iPhone and iPad are designed. What does this mean? New car chargers, new iHome docking stations, new portable speakers that your current iPhone can plug right in to, and a whole bunch of apple related accessories. This will be a bummer for those current apple users with a significant number of associated accessories. While understandably frustrating, it will make the new iPhone 5 thinner and is a design for the future.

Bigger screen. A 4 inch screen finally. While still smaller than the Android flagship devices like the Google Nexus, Samsung Galaxy S3 and many more, the iPhone 5 is likely to get a bump up from the previous 3.5″ screen that had lasted across the 4 to 5 previous generations since 2007. While a technology leader at that time, it now has to play catch up to multiple devices that have exceeded it in this category. Clearly, size matters, as evidenced from the popularity of the Samsung Galaxy Note. The 5.3″ behemoth was one of the top sellers in Singapore and Samsung is reportedly going to launch an even bigger version soon. However, Apple would not compete head on and will be only  bumping the size up to 4″. In times when the Samsung Galaxy S3, HTC One X, LG Optimus 4X are all sporting 4.7″ and above screens, how would the iPhone 5 screen compare? I think 4″ is a decent screen size for reading and surfing on the mobile phone but I would prefer a bigger screen device. The good thing was that Apple is keeping the width of the same so the general feel of the phone would stay the same.

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How to terminate your starhub digital voice line

If you didn’t know, it’s going to cost money for the digital voice line that you’ve been getting free as part of the Starhub Hubbing pack. Although Starhub is still advertising the Starhub Hubbing pack as inclusive of a free digital voice line, the small print says the following:

Valid till 31 August 2012. A promotional rate of $2.10 per month applies thereafter.

Which means that you will have to start paying $2.10 on top of your hubbing pack if you would still like to enjoy your digital voice line. However with VOIP and our mobile lines, few might see the value of paying for an additional digital voice line.

To cancel your digital voice line, visit this link and fill up the digital home line termination form. Starhub will be sending mailers to all their customers to inform of this upcoming change.

Of course, if you have signed up as part of a promotional package, then you should be fine. Do take note of extra charges once your contract expires though.