Galaxy S3 Remove Samsung Apps and Install 4.2 Apps

Galaxy S3 Remove Samsung Apps and Install 4.2 Apps

The Galaxy S3 comes with many default Samsung customisations, including their TouchWiz Launcher, which well generally fine and dandy, aren’t exactly the best available. I was itching to upgrade to the latest Google 4.2 apps but too lazy to do a full ROM upgrade. This tweak falls in the middle nicely.

Well, Android has no shortage of apps and tools for a variety of purposes, and Samsung has pre-loaded quite a number of applications including their own designed ones to the phone, some of which are good but others are really not necessary. A lot of times, the OEM software in a device (be it a smartphone, tablet or personal computer) would contain a lot of promotional software – trial versions of commercial applications, items that have come from the manufacturer themselves, partner material – that would do nothing except eating the system resources, making them scarce for the actual device usage. Simply known as bloatware. With Google Android 4.2 not available on the official Samsung Galaxy S3 ROM just yet, this tool is quite a useful lifesaver.

PalaTool (available from XDA Forums) is an AROMA-based recovery script that performs four basic functions on a Samsung Galaxy S3 – removing Samsung’s bloatware, install Nexus 4 UI elements and Google 4.2 apps, installing CyanogenMod’s APN configuration settings to to any ROM (not necessary), and formatting/wiping system, data, cache and Dalvik cache partitions on your device. The developer had essentially written the script for his own use, but decided to make it available for public use. In order to use this tool, you would need to have a rooted S3 and reboot to a custom recovery like ClockworkMod or TWRP and then to install the zip file. You would see the following screen for you to customise the installation progress.


Samsung-Bloatware Removal List:

* Stock Widgets
* Live Wallpapers
* Samsung Hubs
* Samsung Email
* Kies
* SMemo & PaperArtist
* AllShare
* S Cloud
* Yahoo Widgets
* SSuggest
* Flipboard
* Samsung Account
* Samsung Push Service
* Samsung Apps
* Samsung Update
* Other Sammy bloatware – Test apps etc.

I removed everything except for AllShare, SMemo and Samsung Update. The tool also allows you to load the Nexus 4 UI elements and Android 4.2 apps that are listed below. No wipe required, the app basically removes the stuff for you, plus it installs the new apps as you choose them.

Android 4.2 Apps:

* Android 4.2 Camera & Gallery
* Android 4.2 Desk Clock
* Android 4.2 Gmail
* Android 4.2 Wallet
* Android 4.2 Google Ears
* Android 4.2 Genie Widget
* Android 4.2 CyanogenMod File Manager
* Android 4.2 Calendar
* Android 4.2 Keyboard

Nexus 4 UI:

* Nexus 4 Audio
* Nexus 4 BootAnimation
* Nexus 4 Fonts
* Nexus 4 WallPapers

S3 4.2 Launcher

And that’s it, here’s a screenshot of my cleaned up homescreen. There are some speculations that removal of the bloatware would help improve battery life due to apps like the Samsung Push or Update services. Well, it’s still too early to tell for me. The one thing missing on this option list is actually the Android 4.2 default launcher. There’s a similar tool from XDA Forums that packages the launcher but the disadvantage of this tool is that it does not help remove the additional Samsung bloatware. I just use it for the launcher.