GadgetReactor started on 20 Mar 2011 with a focus on mobile technology, phones and all gadgets. We love a good hack and would be keen to try it out but we are probably better keyboard warriors than actually getting our hands dirty. Nonetheless, we hope to share it with as many as possible.

GadgetReactor is based in Singapore. There are pros and cons to this geographical location, Singapore is often seen as the gateway to Southeast Asia, and coupled with the level of affluence, technology adoption is rather high. However, our size also means a small market and product launches have a tendency to skip us, but that seems to be changing! So we look forward to media invites, new product announcements, anything from new mobile phones to smart home technology!

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Product Review

We would love to review your products too. We especially love gadgets, but software, applications, services would be interesting too and if we like it, we would be very keen to share it with our readers.

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