iPhone 5S – News, Rumours, Singapore Launch?

iPhone 5S – News, Rumours, Singapore Launch?

We are about 2 months away from September now, which means, Apple is gearing up for their annual release of a new iPhone model. And it is about time, with interest in the current iPhone 5 starting to wane, with the slew of various top-tier Android models that have emerged. We have put together the rumours and predictions on the latest iPhone model from Apple.

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Will it be called the iPhone 5S?

In keeping with Apple’s naming convention we’ve no doubt this will predictably, and rather boringly, be called the iPhone 5S. That’s the prefererd nomenclature on the internet as well, as this year’s model is originally expected to be an incremental update. However with rumours anticipating that the next iPhone would have to be nothing short of groundbreaking in order to keep Apple’s skin in the game, Apple may well call it the iPhone 6 instead, to mark a significant improvement over last year’s model.

Apple’s past ‘S’ models have featured the same shell as the core model, though with different features and slightly different tech specs. If so, then the iPhone 5S isn’t expected to differentiate itself from the iPhone 5 too drastically, though a better camera and slightly faster processor will surely be part of the package.

What to expect from the iPhone 5S

iPhone 5S release date

For the prediction on this year’s launch dates in Singapore, it might be good to look back at last year. The iPhone 5 was originally announced on 12 Sep 12, with the three major telcos, Singtel, Starhub, M1, all quickly following suit to launch the iPhone 5 on 21 Sep 12, a Friday. Fast forward to this year, we are anticipating a similar release cycle for 2013 for the iPhone 5S, with the launch probably either in the last week of September or early October.

That will pit it up against rival Samsung, who will surely introduce the third generation of the Samsung Note, the Samsung Note 3, at IFA 2013.

iPhone 5S Anticipated Features

We have already seen iOS7. And the iPhone 5S will be the poster boy for the groovy colours and the flat-styled and modern-look icons.

If you were hoping for a large screen on the iPhone 5S, I would have to burst your bubble now and point you over to the Android camp. Initial leaks on the back casing of the iPhone 5S are of the same dimensions of the previous generation, which means nothing bigger than a 4.2″ screen. Pixel density and resolution would increase, though I don’t see that being very important anyway.


The internal components have also been upgraded to make things a little more efficient when it comes to space within the casing, meaning that Apple is certainly looking at beefing up the specs of some of the internals – a better battery and an improved camera are very likely. The camera has always been one of the better strengths of the Apple iPhone, and at times taking better photos than the Android counterparts. The dual-led improved flash would help your night shots as well.


I am curious to see if Apple copies the most “over-rated” new feature that have been implemented on Android phones over the past year – the infrared remote. The HTC One had it, and followed suit with the Galaxy S4, and now the Sony Xperia Z Ultra. Basically, it seems every other phone is having a universal remote app. With Apple strong emphasis on design and usability, their implementation might be something to look forward to.

Lastly, there have been rumours of a fingerprint sensor on the iPhone 5S. That would help differentiate it from the other mobile phone manufacturers, and I could see such a feature being helpful to quickly unlock your phone in a secure manner. If anything, this would also likely be implemented alongside a capacitive button to replace the physical home button which often breaks down after a few months of heavy usage.