I Bought the Samsung S7 Edge – Why?

I Bought the Samsung S7 Edge – Why?

I chose the Galaxy S7 Edge because it’s the best Android phone currently. The LG G5 offers interesting options with modules, but the usefulness is still not apparent to me. The Xiaomi Mi 5 is a shoo-in for the greatest value 2016 flagship phone, but the Samsung Galaxy S7 Edge has unequivocally the best specs.

Great Specs

The Exynos performance is still a tad infront of the Qualcomm chips, the camera is great, and offers good low light imaging. The key new features on the S7 and S7 Edge are the dual-SIM / microSD expansion slot and the waterproof protection.

Expandable Storage

People had previously faulted Samsung for dropping the expandable memory slot in the S6. It’s back and shares a common slot with the 2nd SIM, which means you got to choose between the two features. Android Marshmallow now allows the SD card to be merged and behave like internal storage.

While expandable storage is great, I gotta admit I was spoilt when using the Zenfone Zoom – 128GB of inbuilt storage feels really good. I can add tons of media, download a heck lot of games, without worrying about running out of storage. Not the same thing I can say for the Galaxy S7.

It’s Waterproof!

Waterproof protection can be useful, especially in Singapore when a sudden downpour is a common occurence.


The above persuaded me to purchase the Galaxy S7 Edge compared to the other phones out there, and I think Samsung hsa again made the Galaxy S7 and S7 Edge the de-facto 2016 phones to beat.

The Edge feature is still gimmicky, and I am thinking if it would have made more sense had I save $100 by opting for the normal S7. While I would lose some screen real estate, there’s some practical advantages. It’s way easier to find screen protectors, and the tempered glass protectors for the normal S7 compared to the Edge. The curved glass at the edge makes the phone more slippery too – not a good thing when both sides of the phone comes clad in glass.