Huawei Honor Non Camera for $398 (Brand New)

Huawei Honor Non Camera for $398 (Brand New)

Update: Apologies. We were not able to accomplish the deal as the Telco has withheld the distribution of stocks to their resellers. We will continue to be on the look out for better deals in the meantime.

For those interested in getting the Huawei Honor Non Camera, do drop me an email. If there is sufficient interest (high chance as of now), I would be able to get it at $398 each for all of us. Included with the purchase would be an OEM certificate certifying that the camera has been removed (similar to what you get when you purchase the phone from starhub or m1), as well as a invoice from an official Singapore telco retailer.

Check out this review if you need to know more. Hopefully we’ll be able to install Android Jelly bean onto the phone. Otherwise, there is still ICS.


2 Replies to “Huawei Honor Non Camera for $398 (Brand New)”

  1. When will this deal be available again? I’m really really really really really want and need this non-cam phone by end Aug.

    1. Hi Ezra, we were not able to establish the deal with our reseller. However, I understand that Hi-Tec Mobile at Suntec or Bugis is selling it at a cheaper price.

      Disclaimer: GadgetReactor are in no way afililated to them. We are just sharing a good deal.