Custom Jelly Bean for LG Optimus 2x (root)

Custom Jelly Bean for LG Optimus 2x (root)

The Jelly Bean version of Paranoid Android for the Optimus 2X is amazing. The LG Optimus 2X was not a popular phone in Singapore but it served me well as a decent dual core Android phone, However, the lack of updates from LG has been plain disappointing. Till now, there is no official graphics driver support beyond Gingerbread Android OS 2.3 and official news releases of them publishing an Ice Cream Sandwich ROM has kept delaying. For this reason, I would not consider buying the LG Optimus 4x, despite the comparable hardware specs to the other top phones like S3 and HTC One X. Thankfully, the community is very strong and they have been very active in developing their own instead.

Update: – Read here for a leaked Stock LG Android 4.0.4 ROM which uses the default bootloader and stock partition layout. Not exactly Jelly Bean, but a stable ICS version from LG.

PARANOIDANDROID is a phone and tablet mode hybrid ROM for CM10 (Jellybean). Two key big features of the ROM is Jelly Bean Android 4.1 OS and tablet Hybrid mode which allows me to choose between the tablet version and phone version of apps easily. Apps like Gmail, Calendar has a sidebar that makes better use of the screen, also, if you prefer the tablet style taskbar with softkey buttons and notifications together, then that’s what ParanoidAndroid can do for you. Check out this Youtube video to see the difference between phone and tablet modes.

TonyP from XDA forums had released his sneak preview of the Paranoid Android ROM (Jellybean) for the LG Optimus 2x and wow, it is smooth. I am not sure if its butter activated but it’s definitely one of the best ROMs that I have used on the Optimus 2x. I have tried many different other ROM releases but none of them has impressed and wow-ed me as much as his releases. Kudos to him for being fast and yet, consistently producing great quality work. If not for this ROM, I might have switched to one of the newer Android phones already. Thankfully, his ROM has breathed new into my phone. The ROM comes with all the excellent Jellybean features, (Google Now, better notifications, improved voice recognition and overall, just a much more polished OS).

The bad things about this ROM are the same as the other LG Optimus 2X ICS and JB ROMs which is that 2D hardware acceleration isn’t working. So applications like Chrome, and playing 1080P videos and recording video would not function on this version.

Want to try the ROM? Read TonyP’s post very carefully.

Installation is pretty easy if you had rooted your phone. Copy the ROM and Google Apps over to your SD Card. Reboot to recovery. Wipe data, install zip files, wipe dalvik cache, repair permission, and reboot.