SGS3 LTE: Wait? Difference between LTE and non-LTE

SGS3 LTE: Wait? Difference between LTE and non-LTE

Samsung has announced that the Samsung Galaxy SGS3 LTE enabled will be retailing in Singapore by end September at approximately S$998, (100 dollars more as compared to the non-LTE version). There are rumours that it will be launched at the same price as the SG3S and it is possible since S$998 would put it higher than the iPhone 5 launch price.

It will be equipped with the Exynos Quad Core chip, same as the current version that is already in the market but it will get a bump up to 2GB of ram, which is significantly more than the 1GB for the non-LTE version.

The LTE version is also expected to be available in 5 colours, up from the current 3 of the SGS3, to allow you to have more choices. It will be loaded with Jelly Bean out of the box so no need to worry about upgrading the software yourself.

Upgraded connection speed, more RAM, more colour choices, Jelly Bean out of the box, and all of this is only 2 weeks away. So if you are in the market for a new SGS3, just wait awhile longer, at the very least, you will see a price drop for the non-LTE SGS3.

Update: The Samsung SIII LTE has launched in Singapore and available at all Telcos. Price difference is approximately S$70 for the basic data plan. The difference is not just the 4G download speeds and the new Jelly Bean OS. The extra 1GB of ram is useful and the resale value of the LTE version is going to be higher too.