Canon S110 Review & Canon Privilege Purchase Program

Canon S110 Review & Canon Privilege Purchase Program

The recently launched Canon S110 looks almost identical to the S100, and with only a few subtle differences. Pocket cameras are losing market share with phone cameras fast improving and in a recent comparison to new mobile phone cameras like the iPhone 5 or HTC One X+, the advantages of a dedicated point and shoot camera are fast eroding. Read more to find out about comparisons with the S110 and its unique selling points as well a great Canon camera “lobang” (discount).

Canon S100 vs S110

The main additions are a smartphone-like multi-touch capacitative touchscreen, along with integrated WiFi connectivity. However, you will lose the GPS feature of the S100. The camera can still geo-tag your images by syncing with your smartphone’s GPS, which is too much of a hassle to set up. WiFi features allow you to establish a live slideshow of your photos like those professional Live Photography events.

The current market competitors include the Sony Cyber-shot RX100, with a significantly larger sensor and ability to capture up to 20MP makes it a strong competitor to the best pocket point and shoot cameras. However, it is also a significant 20% more expensive as compared to the Canon S110 (S$999 vs est S$749).

The Canon S-Series range, starting from the S90 to now the S110, has seen 4 generations of point and shoot pocket cameras that are pretty much top in terms of image quality for this range. The above sample image is from the S100, which uses the same lens as the S110. The next step up would be the micro four thirds camera and the DSLR cameras but the disadvantages of this range is obviously the size. I use my camera most often while travelling and I like to travel light and accessory-free. With a DSLR, you might need a bulkier bag, extra lens, etc. Personally, as shown from the images below, I find that the Canon S-range is simple to use and provides excellent print-quality shots. The night mode is easily configured and with the max aperture F/2.0 lens and ability to shoot up to ISO 3200 relatively noise-free, the camera shoots fast enough to prevent blurry and under-exposed shots.

Canon S110 vs iPhone 5 / Samsung S3

When comparing to the mobile phone cameras, the S110 still has an edge, for now, thanks to the dedicated image processor and the quality of the lens. Phone cameras come with great social sharing and with fun filters to edit your photos (cue instagram), are great for quick snapshots. However, the quality aren’t exactly there yet and if you’re serious about good-looking memories, a dedicated camera is still recommended.

Canon S110 Price & the Canon Privilege Purchase Programme – Singapore

The RRP of the Canon S110 is likely to be at S$749 which will replace the S100 at its price point. In fact, depending on how much Canon reduces the price of the S100, there might be a bargain there to consider as I can live without the touch interface and WiFi connectivity.

Want to get a cheap discounted price for the Canon S100 in Singapore? Or for that matter, cheap discounted price for Canon cameras? One of the best tip for Canon camera buyers is to make use of the Canon Privilege Purchase Program (PPP). The Canon Privilege Purchase Program in Singapore is a program that you get discounts by “trading-in” your old Canon camera for a new Canon set. However, there is no trade-in value, so you could send in a 5 year old 1 megapixel camera and still obtain the fixed discount. The discount is in the range of 17% and you can purchase up to entry level DSLRs such as the 650D. As an example, the current RRP for the Canon 650D + Kit 1 (18-55mm EF Lens) is S$1198 and if you purchase it through the Canon PPP, it will be at S$986 (17.7% discount).

Interested? Get an old not working canon camera (any model), and bring it down to Harbourfront Canon Service Centre and request to participate in the program. A good URL to read more is at ClubSnap Forums.

For US-based friends, just buy it from Amazon! Canon PowerShot S110 – US$438

The one-generation older S100 with the exact same optics is quite a worthwhile buy. Canon PowerShot S100 – US$336