The Walking Dead – 40% discount from Amazon

The Walking Dead – 40% discount from Amazon

There’s an ongoing deal from Amazon, selling The Walking Dead at $15, compared with the usual $25.

I first heard of this game from CAD Comic. And I first heard of the comic, that the game was based on, from Boing Boing.

It intrigued me. But when I saw the price of $25, it did stop me from buying it. It’s a 5 episode game, and at 2-3 hours of game play per episode, it became something I wasn’t that interested in.

But now at $15 ? I’m buying it.

What is it about? There’s some shooting of zombies, but it’s more RPG than shooter game. Think Heavy Rain. Your every choice will give you a different ending. It’s not a very intensive type of game, but tells a great story. Go give it a try. It’s only $15. I might give a more complete review after I’m done playing it.

p.s. Although you’re buying through Amazon, you’ll need to subsequently download and activate the game through Steam. so no issues for International customers. It’s available for both Mac and PC.