Combine QVOD RMVB Downloads

Combine QVOD RMVB Downloads

QVOD or 快播(kuaibo) is an application that downloads videos to a local cache on the Android device, and for many devices it works just fine. For some devices however, you may encounter stuttering audio or video performance. Also, if you wish to share the downloaded video file, you would realise that QVOD stores the RMVB files in separated pieces, making it inconvenient for sharing.

QVOD saves the files in your sdcard, under the p2pcache directory. If you concatenate the files together, for example using the CAT command in the terminal, you could merge them all into a single RMVB and it could then be played with other applications such as MXPlayer. However, that is a simple step that could be easily programmed but way way too troublesome to perform manually.

That’s where QVOD Merger or 快播合并助手 comes in. It allows you to merge the !mv downloaded files from QVOD and merges or combines them back into a single RMVB file. It is a two step process. First identify the local file downloaded and click on it. Proceed to Step 2 and click generate and it would proceed to combine the file. It could take about a couple of minutes per video clip. From there, the file would be store in sdcard/QvOutput folder.

Download it here.

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