Watching PPS out of China (China Proxy Servers)

Watching PPS out of China (China Proxy Servers)

China has a lot of streaming media (video, audios, MP3s) available but they are starting to attempt to play nicely with copyright rules and limit access to local IPs. This bars access for users not within China to popular programs such as PPS or China MP3 websites.

So for example PPS users, if you are keen to watch your favourite Hong Kong or Taiwan TV drama, you may realise that now PPS does an IP check prior to streaming the requested media. There’s a simple workaround which requires you to route your traffic through a China Proxy server and thus indicate that you have a China IP address.
Spoofing a China IP address would work on all your devices, from computers, to Android devices, You can pay for a VPN option, for a more secure and stable connection. BolehVPN has a Hong Kong server VPN option. Alternatively, a cheaper way (FREE) would be to connect through a China Proxy.


Here are the steps required for an Android Phone.

How to watch Hong Kong, Taiwan TV series like PPS on Android?

Go to Settings -> Wi-Fi.
Press and hold on your connected Wi-Fi router until a window pop-up.
Select Modify network then.
Check Show advanced options.
Select Manual in Proxy settings.
Key in Proxy hostname with proxy server IP.
Then enter Proxy port.
Select Save.
Launch PPS.

Remember to disable the proxy server once you are done.

As for iOS devices, instructions are pretty similar.
Go to Settings -> Wi-Fi page.
Click on the right arrow of your connected network.
At HTTP Proxy, select Manual.
Enter Server with proxy server IP.
Enter port.

For some examples of proxy server, you could try the following list indicated below or go through a Proxy List such as from HidemyAss, which lets you search proxies by countries.

China proxy server list